Netflix says demand for HD discs are dead even

Netflix, the US' largest online DVD rental service has said that its demand for HD discs, HD DVD and Blu-ray, are just about equal but also reiterated what most knowledgeable consumers know already, that the sales and rentals were tiny as compared to standard definition DVDs.

CEO Reed Hastings said that the company was still seeing low demand for HD discs but that demand was equal for both rivals.

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sonarus4072d ago

blockbuster begs to differ


Did you not read your articles at the time Blockbuster made that decision. I have been in contact with many officials from the company, and believe me as with every dedicated change Blockbuster has made over the past couple of years they are deeply regretting everyone of them. They keep putting all their eggs in one basket, and it is hurting them deeply. Many stores have been closing around the country due to very poor rental revenue. Many of their rentals are online exchanges which brings the store zero dollars. My Blockbuster is in an affluent area and the Blu-ray shelves are full and never rent, even the employees say that more people want HD-DVD. Personally I rent my HD-DVD on Blockbuster Online. I myself have contacted management of Both online and corporate about their blatant touting of Blu-ray, hell even my receipt has a half ripped off Blu-ray slip at the bottom promoting the future of HD. Hell, If I wasn't raping their online service with store exchanges and liberal late fees I myself and many others would boycott them all together.

SmokeyMcBear4072d ago

of course they are even, netflix is the only place to get hd dvd, while you can just walk into a blockbuster and rent a bluray

IRISHCALIBER4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

I rent my HD-DVD at Blockbuster Online! I exchange my online rentals for free movies in store and they automatically send me my next movie online. Pay nothing at the store and rent all you want online for $17.99 a month works out to be about $0.75 a rental, can't beat it. Blu-ray is losing hard, I was in Best Buy the other day buying 300 on HD-DVD, and saw a small group of people standing around a Blu-ray isle display and there was an employee in the middle spewing Blu-ray propaganda, so I stood and listened for a moment amazed that these people were believing the crap this guy was saying. I then felt the need to speak up and asked him why Blu-ray over HD-DVD and you know what he said; "The picture was better", I started laughing then asked him if he knew that 1st gen Blu-ray used Mpeg and current Blu-ray used the same as HD-DVD, VC-1 encoding, and that they are identical with the exception that Blu-ray is much more expensive. He then started to trip over his words stating that he had heard that, so when asked again why do you like Blu-ray he said; "I always buy Sony products", I could have told you that I said, I then noticed a lot of the people watching this seemed thankful and enlightened has they had no Idea other than what this trusted salesman was telling them. Ignorance and propaganda is all that Blu-ray supporters have to work with. It's a shame!

DeadIIIRed4072d ago

You're forgetting to mention that Blu-Ray has a larger storage capacity for one thing. Is that the ignorance you're talking about? Do you manage your own Blockbuster or something? So you went to a best buy and told off a employee who was promoting a winning format? Sounds like you're leading a one man crusade for a losing format and aside from your "HD-DVD is better than Blu-Ray" rants you know that it's true. You wasted your money.

Anything but Cute4072d ago

HD DVD, Blu ray will be ready for you.

segasage4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

is going out of business, didn't you hear about that marketing ploy, when they boycotted hd-dvd for no reasons?

especially, when netflix is kicking their arse online. somehow they still offer hd-dvd movies figure....

this is a long war and is far from over, the consumers will pick the best affordable hardware. [in the end]

Rageanitus4072d ago

hd-dvd only has a chance in the north american market.

alexander22rednaxela4072d ago

HD-DVD is popular in europe, and I live in Europe.

HateBoy4072d ago

I live in europe too, and to be frank hd-dvd isn't even heard of, the only formats that "exist" are dvd and blu-ray (bcause of ps3). In Sweden, where i live, the battle between the formats never started, blu ray just kinda won, thanks to the ps3. Point aside, most people here don't have any idea about any of the competing formats... its just dvd for now.

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