Dead Racing Game Franchises That Deserve a Come Back Part 2

"This article will finish up the two part article of dead racing game franchises that deserve a come back. If you want please recommend any other franchises and I might considering extending this article to include some other franchises. Today were talking about one more franchise and that franchise means a lot to racing game enthusiasts and that would be Midtown Madness." - ForzaCentral

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Yi-Long2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )'s still the best rally-racing game out there. It plays amazing and even still looks amazing, due to gorgeous track-designs by DICE.

Hopefully Dirt 3 will put the focus back on actual rally-racing.

FordGTGuy2920d ago

Part 1 of this article but that one included Rallisport Challenge.

tacosRcool2918d ago

I wish they would make some really good Rush games