9 Risky Moves That Changed Gaming Forever

Twenty-five years ago, a small company called Nintendo of America took a big risk, launching its Nintendo Entertainment System during Christmas in New York City.

Although Nintendo was doing well in Japan, the videogame market in the United States was almost entirely nonexistent. New York City's retailers had been burned the hardest in the Atari crash two years earlier, and stores were loath to stock Nintendo's machine. So, the company rolled the dice, offering to give retailers the Nintendo Entertainment System for free — stores would pay only for the ones that sold. The cutthroat Manhattan market was tough to crack, but Nintendo's gamble paid off.

To mark the anniversary of this winning strategy, Game|Life writers present nine more risky moves that, for good or ill, had profound effects on the companies that undertook them.

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SmokexFFx2967d ago

Not really that risky for them, they relised they had a younger/casual audience who don't care about the latest in graphic technology, so why waste more money?

theonlylolking2967d ago

1.Nintendo not accepting CD | It caused sony to enter into gaming
2.Achievements | now peeps are ignoring the game just for that achievment or trophy
3.the cell | it changed how devs made games, NASA uses the PS3 because of it, the cell is in tvs now and its powerful
4.DLC | with DLC devs could set aside things they could have put in the original game but instead wanted a quick buck
5.casual gamers | casual gamers have begun the reign in gaming. Nintendo went casual and many bought the wii. M$ is leaving the hardcore with kinect.

SmokexFFx2967d ago

Mostly true accept this is about "risks" that changed gaming.

Also the casual gamers are not reigning in gaming, it's just the hardcore gamers are split between 360 and PS3, while the casual gamers all flock to just the Wii until now, when they will be split between Kinect, Move and Wii. And your crazy to think Microsoft would abandon half of their market.