Activision 'already charging' for CoD online - Ubisoft

Analysts anticipating a Call Of Duty subscription service may be wasting their time: Activision is already charging for the game's online component - just in a different way, according to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot.

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movements4715d ago

Yeah, that's why I won't get this game.

MGRogue20174715d ago (Edited 4715d ago )

There won't be no subscription fee.. Read the full article next time.

You will only need to pay for future map packs.

BulletProofVess4715d ago

is that they've already planned them

which to me sounds like there done and could have just been included

yet activision wants to milkit

Jake3604715d ago

Exactly. But they know millions of fools will buy the map packs regardless.

vickers5004715d ago (Edited 4715d ago )

Almost every game that's been recently launched has had DLC planned for it before the game was even released. Fallout New Vegas had DLC planned before the game was even out, and is supposed to fix one of Fallout 3's biggest failures, which should have been in New Vegas to begin with, but they are scamming people into buying their DLC so they can continue playing their own game.

I know you might say that people don't have to finish the campaign missions first and can complete all the side missions, and then the campaign, but if you have any gamer friends or surf the internet regularly, then everybody is going to be talking about everything about Fallout, including the ending, so you're likely to just have the story spoiled for you if you choose to wait.

Activision isn't alone in this pre-launch DLC bullsh*t, so don't act like they created this milking tactic, or are even one of the few who do this kind of sh*t, because they're not, a lot of companies do this kind of crap. But don't mistake this comment as a defense for Activision, because I personally hope they go bankrupt, but you should also apply the same standards to other companies such as Bethesda as well, and speak out against their milking tactics too.

PinkFunk4715d ago

Agree with vickers500.

By no means am I defending Activision; I think they're downright crooks. But the same standard should be applied to every other company. I hope that most companies plan to release downloadable content, and even have it somewhat conceptualized, but still need additional extra time post-production to warrant actually paying for it.

I don't know what developers and publishers have in mind, but I can only hope that they keep a level of integrity when figuring this stuff out. I like to think that there's usually one or more persons that try to uphold the fight against some of these money-grubbing publishers.

The important thing is, as consumers, we try to be as aware as possible when our trust is breached, and maintain the discussion that further feeds our awareness. Unfortunately, as it goes, sales figures usually show how blind some consumers can be. But it only takes a few to change the masses... right?

AndrewRyan4714d ago

$1 a month would be a fair price. This would mean that all DLC would be free, including the ridiculously priced map packs.

SonyPS3604714d ago

So you're saying there will be one?

skip2mylou4714d ago

@andrewryan no it wouldnt be fair because you would be paying for something that wont be out until like a year after the game comes out and even then you would already be paying for something that will not have support after 2 dlcs like other cod games havent had support for a while

Longrod_Von_Hugendon4714d ago

He talk that shit now but when KZ3/Crysis 2/Resistance 3 come out pfft! Nobody is going to want your stinking DLC. ; )

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FishCake9T44715d ago

Did you even read the article or are you just a COD hater?
I dont buy the DLC so im alright, and how is buying something extra for something you like classed as "charging".

HSx94715d ago

because it's already on your disk, this is why hackers are useful at times, they can view whats inside the disk.
Did you know shipment backlot and pipeline? they just weren't finished completely, so they aren't playable.

TheLastGuardian4715d ago

Watch Activision announce that Call Of Duty: Black Ops will be pay to play online the day after release. I certainly hope not. They should wait until the next Call Of Duty comes out to have a subscription service. If there is with Black Ops I'm selling my copy.

SonyPS3604714d ago

Because everyone else gives theirs away from free, and plenty of other games are just as high quality as CoD.

Doesn't include M$ forcing publishers to charge for DLC by the way.

TROLL EATER4715d ago (Edited 4715d ago )

rainbow six RIP

SKUD4714d ago

DAMN SHAME!!!! *cries and hugs casket*

ZombieNinjaPanda4714d ago


It's comments like yours that always make me laugh. See, what I get from your comment is basically saying "they're not forcing you to bend over so quit bitching".

SonyPS3604714d ago

Yet thousands of drones like yourself will buy it, encouraging them and other publishers to charge more in the future.

radphil4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

And yet idling sitting by while people foolishly support this action is ok?

It's one thing when DLC is planned way later down the line. It's another when they REUSE older maps that were in other games, and re-charge you for them. It wouldn't be so bad if you were able to carry over a form of validation, like installing maps from previous CoD games.

bananlol4714d ago

I dont buy milk flavoured titles, and if i must i buy them second hand(which is as bad as pirating but im to lazy for that). Seriously people, bitching online is never going to accomplish anything, vote with your wallets!

Sirhc924714d ago

your ridiculously obnoxious and retarded comment is exactly why:
1. no one cares about what you have to say
2. you only have 3 bubbles now & will probably have less in the future.

do everyone a favor and just cancel your N4G account douchebag.

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tacosRcool4714d ago

I probably won't get this game regardless of this or not. But this news makes me think pretty negative towards Activision

badz1494714d ago

"But this news makes me think pretty negative towards Activision" - after all these times, you weren't already?? you must have very very low expectations! or maybe just too forgiving when it comes to Kotick and co.!

CrIpPeN4714d ago

I won't get this game regardless of what they do.

But the DlC has got out of hand in general.

Graey4714d ago

thank you.

I've been saying this shit since the DLC bonanza started. How are you going to release a game on wednesday and then the very next week have DLC for it. Are you serious.

In all honesty...voe with your wallets, or games won't be the same. Hell it will be the other way around, you'll just get a code or something that unlocks the game and then you will only be able to go so far until you have to pay to access another part of the game.

Bump that.

Sirhc924714d ago

i absolutely agree with you pal. the last MW2 map packs were really high. i mean $15 per pack? damn...i really hope that someone out there puts a stop to this relentless highway robbery from piece of s*** gamer developers out there.

gtamike4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

same old COD zzzz
This COD should be called "Call of Dusty Black MOD" as there is not any big improvements that make me say wow!

Unlike this

BYE4709d ago (Edited 4709d ago )

The thing is, it works. Kotick gets a free pass from gamers. At this point, he can basically say and do whatever he wants, people still stay loyal to him and his company no matter what. They complain every year, then open their wallet.

So much respect to Activion for a very successful business strategy.

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JeffGUNZ4715d ago

I disagree. Downloadable content is not mandatory for the completion of the retail version of the game. It plain English, it's OPTIONAL. If you don't want to buy the extra maps, then don't, it's the consumers choice. I think Ubisoft is on a strecth with that claim and I am pretty sure they charge for their Assassins Creed DLC.

lightningsax4715d ago

Yes, and people buy Call of Duty in order to finish the single-player campaign only, right? All those eleventy-billion dollars they made were based on that wonderful single-player experience?

Anyway, no. Their market is hardly based on anything but multiplayer. They make a killing on that stuff. They'd make a bigger killing with a subscription service - *unless* a competitor comes along, does what they do (possibly better, we're not looking at MoH), and provides it for only the retail price. Remember that Zampella and Ward are off making something right now...