Console FPS games lack innovation - GoldenEye N64 director

Martin Hollis, the director and producer of N64 FPS classics GoldenEye and Perfect Dark, says he thinks there's a lack of innovation in modern, console-based first person shooters.

The former Rare man, who has "mixed feelings" about Eurocom's upcoming Wii re-imagining of GoldenEye, told "I feel that the consoles have lost ground and momentum with FPS since those days.

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imvix2918d ago

FPS has become very generic these days. With incremental improvements. Biggest example being the yearly COD releases. Between MW1 and Black ops there arent much changes.

I rather favor a game like TF2, where the developer constantly gives free updates to keep the game fresh. The community is given freedom to make their own maps and come up with its own ideas. Obviously a company like Activision will never do this since it would compromise their yearly game release along with 2-3 DLCs which follow the game (DLCs which have a good portion of maps from the last game).