PlayStation Network due for nine-hour maintenance period on October 28th

GamerZines writes:

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have announced that they will perform further maintenance on PlayStation Network within a nine-hour period on Thursday 28th October.

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jay22967d ago

I hope I can play the KZ3 BETA, I'm off Uni on Thursdays and had hoped for a good few hrs play time :( better still work, here's hoping.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2967d ago

That's what I'm worried about also. Damnit! >_<

BaSeBaLlKiD7212967d ago

still can play KZ3 as it CLEARLY states that we will still be able to play online. this only affects the PS store, account management and registration.

DontShoot-Me-Bro2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

9 hour frickin period, that is long!!! (hehe i said a '9 hour >>PERIOD<<')

wonder what this long maintenance is for?

and no to any one who is thinking its going to bring cross game chat, maintenance will NOT bring cross game chat..EVER!

InfectedDK2967d ago

I just said to my self: "Wow, nine hour, WOW!"
That's a long time :)

THC CELL2967d ago

stop talking about cross game chat
all it is for cheaters and give positions away on games like call of duty. Not needed

KS19852967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

You Idiot, they already doing that with the BlueTooth headsets, but thats not Cross Chat.

Cross Chat, is where one person (who is playing COD) can talk to someone else (who is playing Medal of Honor), and its fun...

I take it ya don't have Xbox Live then...

maxcer2967d ago

lol, you must be dumber than shit. how are you supposed to give positions away using cross game chat?

bananlol2967d ago

Well you know xgc doesnt have to be between different games just because its named after that.

maxcer2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

"Well you know xgc doesnt have to be between different games just because its named after that."

that's called party chat or just regular chat. but im sick of ps3 fanboys like CELL trying to shit on something they don't use or understand. and the agrees he's getting just prove its pointless debating these things on N4PS3fanboys....

bananlol2967d ago

xgc have its pros and cons, its great when you want to game with friends, however if you want to have serious gaming session with a lot of strategy communication it can really fuck shit up when half of the people playing are in private chats. They solved this problem by disabling xgc in certain modes in mw2(yay activision...wait, WHAT!) but they later gave in and removed it:(

gamerzBEreal172967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

lmao i have xbox live and i can say it is not worth it i only pay for it to play with some of my friends and i let it go out for months without even careing only time i pay for it is when a new gears comes out are i want to play halo and that's not very often i have a phone to call my friends everybody boost about CROSS GAME CHAT! well u have a phone dont you? omg u have CROSS LIFE CHAT! just like microsoft to put features in to make u feel like u are getting your moneys worth but u have had for years and years how bout makeing me pay $60 a year for something i cant already do? its only 2-3 features better then psn and i would not miss those features at all i dont want them either and i dont know why u guys do so bad just use a cell phone to talk to your friends not a gaming service

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MaximusPrime2967d ago

i will be at work and will be watching BR movies that night. Ironman 2 and Back to the Future 1-3

Its my movie nite anyway.

dead_eye2967d ago

Back to the Future 1-3 awesome movie night. Iron man 2 is also good.

RankFTW2967d ago

You're going to watch 7 hours of movies in a row after work?

MaximusPrime2967d ago

I get home about 6:30pm and will watch two movies. I'm fine with that

mushroomwig2967d ago

KIllzone 3 beta on the 25th only to be stopped by this for 9 hours 3 days later.


RankFTW2967d ago

Have you had the email yet with KZ3 beta?

mushroomwig2967d ago

Not yet, still waiting. :]

Pretty confident that I'll get it though.

BaSeBaLlKiD7212967d ago


Maybe you guys should actually read the article.

It says that we can't access the PS Store, account management and registration. Online play won't be affected... >_>

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