Gran Turismo 5 delayed to 2011?

PS3-Sense writes:''There has been a lot of drama last days about the release date of Gran Turismo 5. The game was planned for a release on the 2nd of Novembre. Now it seems the game has been delayed to 2011, according to the retailer''

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DontShoot-Me-Bro2917d ago

nope, its coming in december, my crystal ball told me!

NoLongerHere2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Wonder when people will understand that retailers' release dates don't mean anything.

MostJadedGamer2917d ago

Retailers have a LOT more information about release dates then the general public has.

In fact it was Russian retailers moving the release date back that first broke the story on the Nov 2nd delay. Of course nobody believed them either.

Jaybad542917d ago

Is that why all of the retailers have completely different release dates?

StanLee2917d ago

December seems likely. A big holiday release would see sales shoot through the roof. It doesn't seem likely that Sony wont have a big holiday release.

maxcer2916d ago

"Retailers have a LOT more information about release dates then the general public has."

that might be true for your regular games but this is GT5, the only game in recent memory where the publisher themselves don't know the release date.

EvilBlackCat2916d ago

"Wonder when people will understand that retailers' release dates don't mean anything."

just like your opinion about it

funny how the people who sell you the game have lees credibility than you the costumer

PS3Freak2916d ago

Retailers are in the dark just like us. I work at a retailer, and we don't know a thing.

ExplosionSauce2916d ago

Some people don't know about retailer placeholder dates... (-_-)

Venatus-Deus2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

The closer we get to November… with no updated release date and no further information that the game has gone gold or that no reviewers (i.e Paper publications needing at least a month in advance) have their copies then I do start to wonder if it will make the December slot.

Surely it would have to be released in the first or second week of Dec and that means there a lot that needs to happen in just 5 weeks?

LBP is Jan
KZ3 in Feb

Sony may also not release two massive IP's in the same month.

RedDragan2916d ago

Retailers don't actually. They estimate.

Amazon and Play have adjusted their release dates on many occasions for GT5 alone, they have to adjust on most games.

They are as much in the dark as me and you.

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Shadow Flare2917d ago

Basing dates from retailers is stupid. If you're gonna base dates from zavvi, then why not base dates from who has it listed for december? Just trying to get an article out of nothing. No one knows but Sony has "guarenteed" it will release before the holidays so that's the best info we can all go on, not some random shops random place holder date

dtalon32916d ago

gamestop has it "street dated" for january 1st 2011

nycredude2916d ago

Gamestop are the worse. Their employees don't even know about their own promotions.

LeonVesper2916d ago

I would suggest walking into a Gamestop sometime this week and asking about the January 1st, 2011 release date for GT5.

If you can't do so, the 1/1/11 date is simply a placeholder till the developers can finalize a release date, then the number will be changed accordingly. Assuming that the placeholder is the release date is rather baseless.

Even the manager of the Gamestop I went to, told me that the 1/1/11 isn't the street release date.

dtalon32916d ago

@nyc and thats the employees fault that gamestop does not inform them?and what does that have to do with release dates?

what I can tell you is that GS does not normally Street date a title if they give it a placeholder release date. I don't need to walk in to any gamestop I know them better than most on this site, I guarantee it. I am fully aware of placeholder dates I was just making a statement I did not back it up with tons of facts about how its coming out for sure that day. I just said what gamestops pre-order screen says (not online).

but thats fine I really don't care abut any of this we are seriously talking about the release date of GT who the hell knows when its coming out regardless of what sony says. When they announced the "official release date" I remember I told my co-worker..."ill believe it when its on the shelf"...fancy that Im still not believing anything they ssy nor is it on the shelf.

elmaton982916d ago

All I want is a PS3 gt5 bundle(if they do that will be huge) I think that why they delay the release date but just me.

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Organization XII2917d ago

My senses tell me it will be delayed once again for an another year, but we'll wait, I'll be more than happy to finish Uncharted 2, and Killzone2 over again...Ohhh who am I kidding I want GT5, hurry up Sony...

zeddy2916d ago

the only confirmation of the release date will be when i'm shoving that gt5 disc into my ps3.

Christopher2916d ago

I thought it was confirmed for Nov. 20th?

bnaked2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I hate this kind of journalism..

otherZinc2916d ago

No PS3 exclusives for holiday 2010!

GameStop also has a release date for January.

Well, guess the PS3 wont catch the 360 this year after all. As some podcasts & analysts ridiculously predicted.

XI_-Minty-_IX2916d ago

Gamestop's date also happens to be 1/1/2011, a Saturday... Trust GS for all your game release dates, right? And even so, just take a look at the list of exclusive games coming next year for PS3...>:-)

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Cloudberry2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

As I want so much for this rumor (?) is untrue...

I'll wait for the official announcement (again) whenever that is.


From the article:

"Echter heeft een andere retailer,, op zijn website geplaatst dat Gran Turismo 5 pas op 27 januari 2011 in de winkels zal liggen.


27th January 2011? : /

panasonic232917d ago

No GT5 offical release date is November 2035

Oldsnake0072917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

depends if they would add 3d trees , which would delay it another year.

Jaybad542917d ago

How can a placeholder date put down by inspire someone to write an article on GT5 being delayed to 2011?

juniordee2917d ago

Welcome to game journalism.

knifefight2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Re: "How can a placeholder date put down by inspire someone to write an article on GT5 being delayed to 2011?"
Because the author is an idiot just like the people who approved this "news."

Re: "Welcome to game journalism."
Pretty much, yeah.

Shadow Flare2917d ago

hits....this shouldn't have been approved

Organization XII2917d ago

We want a perfect experience PD...
Thank you Mr. Kazunori San

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