Uncharted 3: More alleged artworks emerged

Yesterday has sent the rumor mill flying, when Uncharted 3 popped up on Amazon France. Later, some alleged artworks were found on personal blogs. You have probably seen the "artworks", now Cynamite has found more pictures from the college course, where these images are coming from.

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Stealth20k2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )


Who can disagree? Naughty dog confirmed fake yesterday

Tachyon_Nova2967d ago

Yes, and David Jaffe denied Twisted Metal PS3's existence for nearly 2 years, and then E3 rolls, and whadaya know, BAMN! Twisted Metal PS3 is real.

What is your point anyway? A guilty man is still guilty even if he pleads not guilty, or even if he believes he is innocent...

Tachyon_Nova2967d ago

I dunno, the layout of those buildings does not look very uncharted, but the art style....

2967d ago
Lucreto2967d ago

These are very good but it was said Yesterday that these are fake by the head of ND.

Tachyon_Nova2967d ago

Once again, David Jaffe on Twisted Metal PS3 for the last two years.....

I know the people on here think ND are gods, but people do lie to protect their interests...

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Lucreto2967d ago

Look at the date March 2010. We have known about this for months but it must have been a slow news day yesterday.

Tachyon_Nova2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

@ Turbine, I needn't further explain the last sentence of my above post, but you're obviously a 'special' case, so just for you....

If you were commisioned by Sony to do artwork for an unannounced high profile game, and you showed the artwork off as being for that certain game, do you think Sony would be particularly happy?

Now consider you are a freelance artist. You need to show off your works in order to gain commision, and so you conceive the idea of deceiving (bazinga) the masses that the art is in fact fake in order that Sony does not send a hit teem to your dwelling.

For the record, I think they probably are fake, but just because someone with a vested intrest in maintaining secrecy in a project (think Amy Meyes from ND) says something is fake, doesn't make it so.

For the record, more playstation related lies, or bendings of the truth
Twisted metal PS3
PS3 Slim
LittleBigPlanet 2
GT5 releasing in March, no wait, November, no wait holiday 2010 (sorry couldnt help myself, but still, I can't wait for it).

I'll update the post with more if I think of them...

visualb2967d ago

website scavenging for hits my god how did this get approved?

fucking german sites

kanetheking2967d ago

means nothing.the game will be shown when it's shown.

xino2967d ago

yes people can lie, but why the hell would someone post a work related to a big news?
Uncharted 3 will be reviewed EEE3 2011 or GDC, so why the hell would someone post work of it on his blog? as if people wouldn't find out.

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