Critical Gamer: Michael Pachter Fall interview

Critical Gamer writes: Rather than the humorous introduction we would usually write for e mail interviews (which, while daft, make it clear that the article which follows is a question and answer format) we thought that today it would be best to directly quote Michael Pachter himself, from the most recent e mail received from him:

“Please make sure you mention that you solicited these responses. I’m tired of your idiot fans complaining that I spouted off once more.”

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Jim Crikey2914d ago

Wonder how he'll react to this one?

Mondayding2914d ago

I love this guy. Wonder if they'll ever make Pachter action figures - that'd be my ideal Chrimbo pressie....

scruffy_bear2914d ago

LOL that would be awesome we could get Jack Thompson figure too

Pidgeridoo2914d ago

Some very interesting questions nice answer from Michael, I agree that it be a few years before 3DS is $129

Cubes2914d ago

We love you Michael! The mans a legend.