Silly Bandz Hitting Nintendo DS Just in Time for the Holidays

"Video game publisher Zoo Entertainment today announced that the wildly popular Silly Bandz will be making their debut as a video game for the Nintendo DS just in time for the holidays. In the game, players rescue trapped Silly Bandz by catapulting them to freedom."

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big_silky2913d ago

they'll make a game out of every shitty license these days, huh?

charlescox42913d ago

Who makes a game about decorative rubberbands? WTF

DaBadGuy2913d ago

I feel bad for the people that have to sell this crap in stores. I saw a paper advertising this at Gamestop and I know someone who works there and I said to him "they're making a fucking silly bands game?" and he said "I don't even want to talk about it man." Then I asked him if he would check it out for me so I can play for free, he said fuck you, I said you'll have to catch me first and left.

I apologize for the language. I've been reported before for saying ass, and I didn't say ass this time, I said crap, fuck, fucking, and silly bands.

Actually I said ass twice.

Oops three times.