Killzone 3: Impressive Sniper Action, Brutal Melee Attacks

A new Killzone 3 video shows impressive sniper action and brutal melee attacks.

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Chaostar2920d ago

Thanks for the link.

Simply awesome, loved the slo-mo knife to the face :D

TroyAndAbed2920d ago

Thanks! Bubbles! (On an iPhone. Lol.)

radphil2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

The one posted above is the same thing as the original video, but just a different music track put to it.

Here's the original video:

iNvidious01 is the user that has the videos.

Red_Orange_Juice2920d ago

yea yea, everobody knows iNvidious01 now

beavis4play2920d ago

i hit the link and the vid is playing within 2 seconds.........unlike those crap german sites.

gijsbrecht2920d ago

Yeah, good stuff. There are already some awesome videos out there. I really like these two for the mech combat & airstrikes and for the weapons & melees:


Blacktric2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I seriously hate these German websites that stole YouTube footage and embed it with their disgusting player. Other than that, awesome footage.

beavis4play2920d ago

the people who keep posting videos on these german websites should realize by now that those sites are pure crap. nothing on them ever seems to work right.

visualb2920d ago

what bothers me is the MODS DO FUCK ALL !

That_Genius2920d ago

HAHA DAmn!!! I swear he like twists the knife while hes stabbing you...that is sooooooooooo bad a**!!!!!

I can't wait for this game think I might pre-order it.

beavis4play2920d ago

yea.......melee kills in KZ3 are gonna be sweet!

Blacktric2920d ago

Better than the ones on Reach in my opinion since they're more brutal.

Qui-Gon Jim2920d ago

Was that a three barreled shotgun pistol at the end? Nice backup for a sniper.

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The story is too old to be commented.