Sony: PS3 Skype a possibility

Sony has said that Skype - a service that allows users to make free phone calls over the internet - may be on the cards for future PS3 upgrades.

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KratosGirI2916d ago


thereapersson2916d ago

FREE video chat across the PS3 and PC network would be just the thing to put PSN on top. Here's hoping that if Sony implements it, it won't be a damn PSN+ feature!

Gamerbee2916d ago

esp since I got my ps eye with the move.

Anarki2916d ago

We want X game chat, we get SKYPE!? LOL OVERKILL..

kneon2916d ago

As Skype has something like 25 participant conference calls you would finally get the cross game chat that everyone (but me) has been whining about.

Ju2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Skype needs quite some system resources. To make this cross game chat, it also would require the games to support it - or the OS (e.g. mute game audio channel/in game chat). Maybe possible, but maybe not. I would not hold my breath. Skype stand alone is already nice to have.

ComboBreaker2916d ago

the PS3 can do Skype-in-Game.

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LukaX232916d ago

I'm going to cry if this happens...

MazzingerZ2916d ago

Skype/PS3 users, go here and show your support

xYLeinen2916d ago

I would mainly be interested if you could run skype in the background while running other tasks like running games, music, videos, browser etc.

MisterAV2916d ago

during games no, but during music, videos and photos probably yes

PirateThom2916d ago

See, to me, this is a logical way to get around the cross game chat issue.... Skype has very low overhead, mobile phones can run it, if Sony can reduce the memory footprint of the OS or, at the very least, keep it at the same level but have, shall we say, "Skype Lite" running at all times, it gives you access to PSN and Skype users either on phones or computers.

hay2916d ago

I thought exactly the same.

It's achieveable with a bit of effort.
Reduce it to the bare minimum(obtain audio settings from system, use system resources for guy, remove normal chat functionality, reserve video conferences for outside game operations, integration with xmb friendlist maybe).
Make it integrated part of newer FW and you have additional points in fighting with piracy. Who wouldn't love that?

Something like Cross Game Chat with everyone in the world? Pure win.

M4ndat0ry_1nstall2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

- "run skype in the background while running other tasks like running games, music, videos, browser etc"

You can't even run music in the background (at least in unsupported games) and it took 2+ years to be able to message without exiting a game. Not to mention there is still no cross game chat or a party system.

Universal features and integration is something that gets lost in translation from English to Japanese and is masked by the statement "It's up to the developers".

I wouldn't be surprised if Skype came on a disc /s

CimmerianDrake2916d ago

You really are an idiot aren't you.

If you put even the slightest amount of effort into researching the features on the PS3, you'd understand why it's "up to developers" as you so negatively claim it.

And since when is cross game chat or a party system "universal"? What, because the 360 has it, that automatically makes it universal? What about the Wii? It doesn't have it either. So let's take a look at the platforms we currently can game on.

PC and 360 have it. No surprise with Microsoft's involvement. Their experience in the PC realm really helps them out with PC features included in consoles.

PS3 and Wii DON'T have it. Sony is mostly an electronics hardware company that has never really had to integrate online components with their products, and Nintendo has almost exclusively been a gaming company.

So out of 4, two have all of these so called "universal" features, and two don't. We could get technical and include handhelds, but that wouldn't be fair to MS now would it.

"I wouldn't be surprised if Skype came on a disc /s"

Even for a sarcastic statement this is retarded.

360 fanboys always complain that PS3 fanboys bring up the PS3 in non-related articles that have nothing to do with the PS3, and then there is a case like this. I thought 360 fanboys don't do stuff like this eh?

OT: Skype on PS3 would be cool. I personally wouldn't need it, but hey whatever works right?

Non_sequitur2916d ago

PSP does skype without a disc.

Sevir042916d ago

if Phones can support it and the PSP can support skype in the barebones without the video chat option that skype provides then the PSP with its inferior way of chat compared to the PC then i'm sure SKYPE team and Sony can work out the kinks to make it work the way it does on the PC. trust me its doable. and once again Mandat0ry Install you are an idiot!!!!

Close_Second2916d ago

The PSP has had skype for years...problem is to really exploit it the PSP needs 3G support also.

Skype would be great and whilst they're at it throw in a better browser as well.

thereapersson2916d ago

Since WiFi > 3G anyway, it's not really a big deal. Most people don't use their PSP's to browse the net, and those who do most likely already know where the nearest WiFi network is.

Close_Second2916d ago able to game on the go...anywhere on the go. Browsing will also be great but they need to update the browser.

I dont know about you but 3G has greater coverage than WiFi in my part of the world.

DiLeCtioN2916d ago

They're always suggesting and talking about the future, just implement these so call features already. PS3 can run so much...

Bounkass2916d ago

Everything is a possibility... But will they do it? Oh noo...

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