Fallout: New Vegas devs already on next project

Almost everyone 'ramped up' for next game, reveals designer

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PtRoLLFacE2968d ago

RLY? i just hope they are using a new engine cuz another game with the fallout engine will be an epic failure

TheFreak2968d ago

ye thats true. fallout 3 on the ps3 was buggy as hell the dlc even worse almost broken. Bought fallout new vegas on 360 because of that and the timed dlc.

I was not going to buy fallout at all because of the dlc was coming first on one platform. if a game is released on multiple platforms they should
get the same content at the same time. Could not resist though love fallout way to much.

Anyway have not experienced any bugs so far on the 360 after 8 hours of gaming. Have really enjoyed it so far looks like it is somewhat better than fallout 3. Cant wait to try out hardcore mode after my first playthrough

NecrumSlavery2967d ago

I had a couple issues on the PS3 version. But no version safe. I'll get the DLC late, but I welcome this platinum when I am done this epic adventure.

visualb2967d ago

PC version is almost full proof.

No crashes as of yet, 20 hours in, only a few glitches which can be fixed either by reseting save or using console command

Zinc2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I have played for about 20 hours and have not had any major problem. In fact, the only thing I've noticed is one time when I shot a super mutant, he ended up floating in air for a few seconds and then came down again. Otherwise, it's been smooth sailing. This is on PC.

I am playing on hardcore and it does make it more difficult.

You will notice that in New Vegas, they don't have a computer AND lock pick option for practically every situation like they did with Fallout 3. So, if you don't have the skill in lockpick, you are shit out of luck until you can come back later, if you so desire, when you have the skill.

New Vegas is more faithful to the original gameplay intent of the Fallout universe. There are more numbers and formulas too with your armor and weapons, which is nice for someone that likes to think about their situations.

Vip3r2968d ago

Unless patching New Vegas is considered their "next project", I'm not getting too excited.

THC CELL2968d ago

They should make fallout London

I mean 28 days layout or devils playground is awesome.

Ocelot5252967d ago

or fallout haiti: not much difference with the real haiti

Der_Kommandant2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

They should make a Bug's life...

MGRogue20172967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Translation: ... "The time has come for us to start milking the franchise. >:) "

TheBand1t2967d ago

So long as the milk is delicious, the milk will flow.

King-Leonidas2967d ago

lol? Fallout 3 and Fallout NV were the only games that came out in about 10 years i think.

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The story is too old to be commented.