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GameShard writes: "Its as though Director and Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami looked at the standard futuristic battlesuit and said 'thats not cool enough.' So he went and added bells, whistles, hissing things, twiddly bits, a time-slowing-down-device, and forty odd rocket boosters. The resulting Augmented Reality Suit, or ARS, is every bit as bonkers as it sounds; giving Sam the ability to boost across the battlefield on his knees, flip up into the air, slow down time, and spit whirling spinning blade or rocket death at robotic enemies before landing back on his feet in an oh-so-cool crouch. Its like Pimp My Ride got hold of a Crysis Nanosuit and added the third person shooter equivalent of mudkips."

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AKissFromDaddy2941d ago

I can't wait for next year's model, perfect 10's :-)