BrutalGamer: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Review

Brutal Gamer writes:

OK, time for that trademark BrutalGamer honesty dear reader – I have never seen an episode of Naruto. Until I was ten minutes in to this game I thought the last Naruto title was just a kids cartoon fighting game in the Tekken mould. I’ve been blissfully educated in the ways of Naruto over the last sixteen hours of gameplay and I’m pleased to say I feel better for it.

Basing any game on an existing franchise is a double edged sword. On one side you have a loyal and established fan base, mythology and wealth of back catalogue details to drawn on. On the flip-side you have a loyal and established fan base that’ll eat you alive, complicated mythology and a wealth of back catalogue details to try and plough through. Recently developers seem to be getting thing more right than wrong when it comes to franchise games. Batman: Arkham Asylum, Toy Story 3 even Wolverine all made pretty great games

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