PSP2 Hits Next Fall With Dual Analog Sticks, Touch Pad and Bigger Screen

Kotaku: "Around the time of the Tokyo Game Show, Sony held a private meeting at its offices in Tokyo's Aoyama. The purpose was to show off the PSP2."

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BornToKill3012d ago


EeJLP-3012d ago

I'm not too into handhelds, but yea, dual analogs would be nice.

Bigger is good and bad too hear, it just depends how big.

Too big isn't good for a handheld or it's battery life most likely, but it also means it's most likely packing a lot of power and a PSP2 Slim in a few years would be a nice with all that power.

TOO PAWNED3012d ago

no touch screen, no 3d = ME don't care.
I have PSP and it has been collecting dust. Every single game that is on PSP should have been on PS2 or PS3. You are basically playing lesser version on PSP. Nothing uniqe in gameplay on PSP. Console on the go. Sounds cool but it isn't. That is why DS won, and 3DS will win again.
I am going with 3DS this time, especially after seeing where LEvel 5 games are going to be released.

Close_Second3012d ago

...about 3D. Let the 3DS deliver 3D, I would rather much have a higher resolution and better textures.

It ideally should have at least 3G support however.

EeJLP-3012d ago


I definitely wouldn't be interested in a touch screen gaming system. I have a touchscreen phone and gaming is a chore. Your thumbs block part of the screen, you miss buttons because everything's flat, etc.

Buttons own touch any day of the week when it comes to gaming.. with the technology we have now at least.

sinncross3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

You sound like a troll:
- no touch screen or 3d means the PSp2 will be worthless to you? I suppose I could understand the 3D argument with the 3DS coming, but touchscreen? seriously? Why add extra cost to a device that doesn't need touchscreen support?

PS owners know what they want from the PSP2: stronger graphics, PSN PS2 support, stronger battery life, PS3 PSN features (like trophies) and dual analog support: its nto that touchscreen etc is unimportant, its just not needed on the PSP2.

That said, im interested in this touch panel idea behind the device... nto too sure where Sony is going with that atm

PirateThom3012d ago

No touch screen and no 3D means it's exactly what it needs to be.

3D is a gimmick and touch screens doing work for games, the DS touch pad being an exception.

HolyOrangeCows3012d ago

I don't trust Kotaku at all. I hope it's true, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Trroy3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

LoL @ Too Pawned.

"Every single game that is on PSP should have been on PS2 or PS3"

You say that like its a bad thing. Portable gaming would suck without the PSP, in my, and many people's, opinion. You're pretending the 60M people who purchased a PSP would have settled for a DS if the PSP didn't exist. I wouldn't have, and didn't.

I won't touch a 3DS either. I've effectively had one for years, only without the 3D.

ComboBreaker3012d ago

"Every single game that is on PSP should have been on PS2 or PS3."

Then how will I ever play those games on the go?

AndrewRyan3012d ago

We are giving you dual analogs! *The crowd goes wild*
Oh shi-... We forgot about games...

Let's hope Sony doesn't make the same mistake they made with the PSP.

Nerox33012d ago

no touch no 3d....BUT YES F***KING GOD OF WAR B****!!!

DORMIN3012d ago

Wow, the touch panel on the back sounds ingenious!

ProjectVulcan3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

PSP2 was almost certainly delayed from an early launch next year to further back because nvidia seriously stuffed up Tegra 2, the GPU mean to power the machine. Word on the street is Tegra 2 only delivers the promised performance by being a pretty enormous 20 percent over the power budget. Massively important for a handheld device. This of course creates more heat and destroys battery life. Apparently Sony are ultra pissed at nvidia for missing spec so much and causing a delay that allows 3DS months head start. Everything Sony feared.

Sony could downclock the chip but it would leave the machine considerably underpowered.

Personally i think a delay into late next year could possibly be due to waiting for 28nm manufacturing capability. If the chip is really as bad as some reports might suggest, then rather than going back to the drawing board and endless silicon respins it can be fixed by tweaking it for a much smaller node. It would definitely fix heat and power issues, and even might allow for better clocks than originally planned.

If Tegra 2 finally gets fixed and runs at the clocks sony wanted it to run at, it'll be incredibly powerful for a handheld. Maybe on par with a decent geforce 6. If you are only running games @ say 800 x 450 then they wont be a million miles away from full console games

pimpmaster3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

the only way ill buy a psp2 is if R* makes a san andreas spin off like they did with GTA3 and vice on the psp. if not, psp2 can go f itself.

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ico923012d ago

i wonder what media its gonna take, UMD, Digital Distribution...?

Close_Second3012d ago

If people complain about no UMD then are they going to go for the 3DS as it would be the only handheld to offer physical media.

Physial media belongs in museums. Alongside vinyl, cassette and CD.

sinncross3012d ago

UMD for sure, with digital releases of all games.

EeJLP-3012d ago

I would hope it's not Digital Distribution. I usually buy Used, depending on how much I expect to play a game, so that goes out the window.

As a DD supporter, you want to buy years old games for half price still Close_Second? I'd rather pay ~$5-10 and have the physical disk to resell at a similar price if I wanted to.

If it were DD only, I'd probably only buy like 3 games instead of 20-30+ that I'd normally buy as a supporter of the Used market.

Close_Second3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago ) on its last legs. DD will put an end to that. If there is physical media then who's to say you won't need to purchase an unlock code to play if the game is used.

EeJLP-3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

I don't see any good argument from you for the consumer of DD.. just that you'll have to pay more.

I don't know a whole lot of people that would support paying more for the same thing.

The way I see it, the games I buy Used, I most likely wouldn't be buying New anyway, but by buying them Used off someone who buys them New, they're then freed up to buy more New games.

It's the same concept as New and Used cars. I think eliminating the Used market will only hurt overall sales.

If people only bought New cars, they'd buy less and wear them out longer, hence lower total sales. I think the same would happen if gaming went DD / 'New' only with no Used market.

Eamon3012d ago

Physical Media lets the customer feel that they have purchased the product.

Digital Distribution is a cheap way for people to sell since they need to only copy the file and sell it to people instead of paying for discs to put it on.

Close_Second3012d ago

...and disagree or not as it will mean nothing as DD is the future. 10 years ago people were saying the same thing about CDs. MP3 will never replace CDs and yet look at where we are today. PSN and LIVE also offer hundreds of games and movies via DD.

DD is here and now and although it may not be practical for all right now, there is no stopping it. For those that can't accept that fact then fine...but your kids will grow up not knowing anything but DD.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3012d ago

I have said it numerous times before I hate the digital download at times because everyone involved in the process saves money except US the consumers. Now if they were to offer a physical media and a reduced rate digital download I would be totally fine with it.

For the love of god though get rid of the damn UMD's, too bulky and requires too much battery to utilize. If they want this to work right they need to put the games/media on sd card/flash type cards. The cost could be a hamper but if that is the media they choose to go with they would score it at a cheaper rate. Imagine a SIM or SD card sized media to carry around a physical game, the packaging would be minimal you could carry 10+ of them in an tic tac size holder....

the sd type card slot to keep the digital downloads in addition to the BUILT IN HDD to keep movies/music/games on to easy swap.

darthawesome903012d ago

I understand if it's Digital Distribution due to used game sales but I also don't like the facts that prices normally don't depreciate. For example the prices on the psn and xbox live rarely depreciate with time like in a store. If prices depreciate with time then I'm for it.

A memory stick would be great to so I could listen to my music but after all of the piracy on the original PSP I would understand if it isn't included.

matey3011d ago

3DS has 3D comics/3D movies/3D games/3D media/3D photos and everyone says the movies look HD as well as 3D because the screen tech is better on the 3D screens for colour and all that nonsence so 3D is a must in handhelds going for ultra high resolution in handhelds will make devs turn away because u wont even notice the higher resolution on high end games when 3D is turned off capcom said u get the full flat 800/240 resolution which is impressive enough for me

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GreenRingOfLife3012d ago

"Currently, the PSP2's hardware is not finalized, and Sony is having problems balancing battery, power and heat."

"There are apparently overheating issues"

Uh oh, last thing people need is to get their hands burnt when playing a game.... looks like sony needs to work on these problems asap

Motion3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Lol, generally an overheating issue is just going to cause the graphics/cpu chips to fail and the system to lock up or shut down. I only say generally because some 360's have been determined as the causes of house fires, but I think with the psp2 you won't have to worry about burning your little fingers off :)

skip2mylou3012d ago

its better than people dying by house fires because of a certain console made by MS

jony_dols3011d ago

I work in Sony and i can confirm it has a Tegra 3 processor, 2x3.99 ghz CPU, 8gb RAM & 48 hour battery life.

It's also using Sony's new holographic display.
and it can emulate the whole PS3 & Xbox game library.

Crysis PSP2 confirmed launch title

DXM13011d ago

this actually has nothing to do with sony aside from their dumb decision to keep going with nvidia. Nvidia is putting out really shitty overheating gpus this gen (Fermi)... And dont even get started on the bumpgate scandal...

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BattleAxe3012d ago

Dual Analogue with a bigger screen and more powerful than a 360? day one purchase for me!

TheLastGuardian3011d ago

Hell Yea, I was hoping the PSP2 would have an HD screen but I'm sad that it might not be 3D or LED. I like that it will have a bigger screen that's HD but it probably won't be very pocket friendly.

I expect the PSP2 to be powerful enough to have more multiplatform games that hit the PS3 and 360 will also be on the PSP2 as well as more Sony exclusive games hitting both the PS3 and PSP2. I think it would be so cool if the PSP2 and PS3's online functions were linked so You could have your same friends list and everything just as it is on PS3 and take it on the go.

Imagine if you were playing Killzone 3 on your PS3 and you had to go to somewhere and you could play Killzone 3 on your PSP2 with people on PS3 and you have your same rank and everything just as they were on the PS3. If the PSP2 supports 3G you could play online games wherever you went.

@Born ToKill did you really think sony was going to leave out the number 1 asked for feature???

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pedrami913012d ago

As long as it's not a phone and has 2 analog sticks.....

silvacrest3012d ago

nothing is finalized and having say....the android OS would be nice, all those apps as well as a PSP games? im sold

Close_Second3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Rather is continues to have skype but introduce 3G support.

HolyOrangeCows3012d ago

Making it a cell phone will only create confusion in what the PSP2's focal point is.


I want people to see an awesome gaming device, not a cell phone. Hopefully people would be able to see past the gimmicks of the 3DS and see an awesome gaming system with much better controls (Dual analogue).

silvacrest3012d ago

your point only applies to people who buy devices without knowing what they are capable of

i personally want it in one device

Tachyon_Nova3012d ago

HOC, you really are a bell end buddy. What is gimmicky about the 3DS?

The 3DS is targeting a young audience, and young people love 3D. So catering to your market is not a gimmick, but very sensible. Sure, the graphics will suck as with all nintendo products, and the games will be questionable from a gamers perspective (although a lot of hardcore games have been announced for the system), but the reason Nintendo is unstoppable, particularly in the handheld market is that they know they're market. Not only that, the product fits so many niches as well as mass market gamers.

On PSP2 for a moment, if it doesn't have touch screen, it will flop. If it doesn't have a sleek download service like the iTunes app store, it will flop. If it doesn't innovate in terms of hardware, or at least match it's competitors, it will flop. If it targets only hardcore gamers, it will flop.

It's time the people on here stopped sugar coating their fantasies. I love Sony, but they are so dumb sometimes. Having expensive yet powerful hardware is not going to win you sales until the end of a generation, and these sales are worth less than a sale at the beginning, because less games will be bought and for less. PSPgo was doomed to failure as soon as they priced it significantly above the iPod touch and DS. There should be no argument of this.

So, Sony, if you ant the PSP2 to succeed, give it a touch screen, use some sort of flash memory cards for in store game sales (saves space and battery power over UMD), have a comprehensive online store which offers access to the Android store as well as digital copies of PSP only games, have built in memory, have multiple models (8, 32, 64gb to compete with iTouch?), Have bc with PSP1 and PS1, and make it as cheap as possible!

k2d3012d ago

I agree to some degree, except that it won't flop but just not live up to its true potential, they don't add some of these features. Specifically a capacitive touch screen, double analogs and flash based games.

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MEsoJD3012d ago

Im not buying it. I'm not keeping my pockets cluttered with an iphone and psp. Sony needs to realize that people want that all in one device. I like the psp but cmon Sony. You have the technology.

darthawesome903012d ago

Not only 2 analog sticks but good games is a must! After 5 years I have only bought three games for my PSP. RPG's is a must.

By the way is the screen 1 inch larger than the launch PSP or the PSP Go?

matey3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

people say the 3DS screens come across as a very big when u are watching the 3D on it it just seems like alot bigger than 3.5 inches and its also more portable being slightly smaller than ds lite but abit thicker oh Crisis developer has been shown some very powerfull hardware to do with 3DS off a big wig he cant mention at nintendo his words and says cry engine will be possible on the platform and that he would do a 3D crysis maybe so specs are massive compared to whats out there is only rumoured specs just like the wii specs are rumoured because they have never let the specs get out on the wii and the rumoured wii specs are a load of nonsense because the wii has proven many times more powerfull than those specs way way more powerfull and 3Ds specs are not out yet and if crysis devs are happy with the power i am as well sony wait then bring a machine thats slightly more powerfull riddled with all sorts of negatives nintendo know how to make a handheld end of im buying 2 3DS's

KratosGirI3012d ago

Might pick this one up sometime in 2012.

Homicide3012d ago

You won't be able to pick this up in 2012. The world ends in 2012!!

ShadowJetX3011d ago

I'm gonna disagree with you on that statement.

jaosobno3012d ago

This will be THE BOMB! Can't wait!

MAJ0R3012d ago

looks like Sony is really trying to compete this time

MAJ0R3012d ago

Nintendo of course, but there also going after Apple

TOO PAWNED3012d ago

lol they don't stand a chance against any of those two. With outdate button heavy handheld. Sony needs to realize that real gamers as myself don't want "cosole in your hands BS". It's stupid. Every great game on PSP would have been 5 times as good on PS3. Retribution comes to mind-.

extermin8or3012d ago

@TOO PAWNED if you don't want a handheld in your hands the you aren't a real gamer are you? all the iphone ect games are casual not core, so shut up, all your doing is trolling crap on this thread, why are you on a core gaming site if you prefer touch screen iphone games ect, they are gimmicks for casual gamers nothing more not until they offer the control and precision of a remote or keyboard.

PirateThom3012d ago

As a real gamer, I like the idea of a "console in my hands". There's no false advertising here, it's a "PlayStation Portable", a PlayStation you can take with you and deliver the same PlayStation experiences out and about. I'm well aware that sounds like marketing blurb, but the sort of games iPhones of the world are putting out aren't aimed at gamers and neither are touch screen controls. It doesn't work.

MisterAV3012d ago

and 99% of NDS and iPhone games would have been better on the ps3 also.
just think of zelda, if they used the button instead of the touch even for moving around would be much better

Tachyon_Nova3012d ago

@ pirate - sure the vast majority of the games on iPhone/touch are not hardcore games.

Let's look at PS3 for a second. Games like flower, and flow to name but two are in no sense hardcore games. If you want to try and make out they are, then iPhone games like Osmos, Angry Birds and Plants V Zombies must surely be considered in the same league. Yet Flower particularly is held in particularly high regard around here (as it should be, it's a good game). Please don't be narrow minded and say that this a core gamer website only. If flower is considered 'core', then at least 30 iPhone games I've played should be.

Anyway, iPhone has plenty of games which absolutely are hardcore, such as modern combat 1 & 2, need for speed, call of duty, real racing, gran theft auto, N.O.V.A., etc etc.

Kingdom Come3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I wasn't aware that you needed to play Mario on a handheld to be classed as a "Real Gamer", to be honest, I consider that an incorrect logic.

@ PirateThom
" iPhones of the world are putting out aren't aimed at gamers and neither are touch screen controls. It doesn't work."

I would have thought Hotel Dusk, Metroid Prime Hunters, Dementium the Ward (1 & 2), The Zelda titles and such were for gamers and the 3DS is touch screen and look at the incredible games lining up. And just throwing my opinion out there, I in no way got the experience of a Playstation from the Playstation Portable, without a second analog stick the controls always felt weak...

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jony_dols3012d ago

Considering the PSP (Sony's first attempt at a handheld) has sold over 65 million console units and still counting.

Sony doesn't have to prove themselves to anyone.

Bring on PSP2.....