Ninja Theory Hiring For Unannounced Game

As revealed on its Twitter page, Ninja Theory is hiring for an unannounced game.

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MultiConsoleGamer3006d ago

Interersting... Maybe I should hit them up for a job?

Theonik3006d ago

Nah, Sony owns the rights to that one and NT is not making exclusives any more.

erathaol3005d ago

Well after these initial Enslaved sales and the DMC remake outcry, I wonder if they won't change their tune to prevent from closing down shop.

Theonik3005d ago

I don't think they will, they've moved on from Heavenly Sword. I'd actually be interested in seeing Heavenly Sword 2 developed by Sony Santa Monica. Could turn out quite good.

Genecalypse3006d ago

How about they finish ruining DMC before they ruin something non-existant.

fucadastates3006d ago

well.. 80.000 copies sold in the first month... thats not much for enslaved.

Theonik3006d ago

At least they can't blame PS3 for this one and just their lack of talent.

pixelsword3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

It's even worse because it's on two consoles and underperformed to it's exclusive counterpart.

TOO PAWNED3006d ago

but but it sells more if it multiplatform

nickjkl3006d ago

next up NT will be crying about enslaved

this is worse than HS at least HS was exclusive with a smaller user base Enslaved is multiplatform where both consoles doubled their previous user base

NecrumSlavery3006d ago

So of the 80K, which console did it sell more for? The PS3 or 360, cause by how NT shat on Sony and blamed them for HS only selling 1.7 million, plus all the 360 ass kissing, I figured it would be a 500K Day one on 360 alone.

hay3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

It's a sad period for Ninja Theory. They just suck(I don't mean hard working people there but a-holes who did this negative publicity about HS sales, criticizing Uncharted 2 development methods etc)...

DigitalRaptor3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

I swear if Enslaved was exclusive to PS3 it could have performed better.

nickjkl3006d ago

not really the concept of enslaved isnt one that alot of people are interested in

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princejb1343006d ago

poor ninja theory it seems all their games sell low
to bad heavenly sword was fucking awesome

pixelsword3006d ago

What is the excuse now that people seen a three year old game that was better than it's newer counterpart?

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The story is too old to be commented.