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lelo2play2919d ago

It was copy/paste directly from the page... it came in all caps.

Tachyon_Nova2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Anyone expect anything else?

Edit: look at Vanquish, 12th, that's almost sad. Not unexpected, but sad. What's even sadder is Enslaved in 31st! Guess people aren't after third person action right now....

PS360fanboy2919d ago

And both are pretty good games.

gillri2919d ago

well enslaved got to number 6 in the 1st week, then droppped four places to 11

why is that bad? thats a pretty good first two weeks for a new IP, Castlevania fared a little better

I expected Vanquish to break to the top 10 and enjoy similiar sales to Castlevania but its looks like it done worse than Castlevania and even Enslaved

at least games like these sell ok in the UK, the US sales for these games will be even worse, as Americans dont tend to buy more original titles like we do here in the UK, and even here sales are not great by a long shot

Neckbear2919d ago

Seems like Vanquish is doomed to be a cult classic.

NickX2919d ago

Platinum games don't know how to make a mainstream title that is popular with the public. Which is why they went under as Clover studios .

Keep making the games you want and you will be bankrupt soon enough

Neckbear2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

"Make boring brown n' bloom games instead of GOOD games!"?

Jesus christ. I'd like them go under with honor rather than making awful, soulless games of those we see everyday.

And bah, I'm quite sure Platinum will be just fine. Worst case scenario and they'll go down BUT then will make ANOTHER studio.

Besides, that's why they look for publishers rather than self-publishing themselves. Less risks.

Oh, and one last thing:

These sales are why we can't have nice things.

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