GameFocus: Kirby’s Epic Yarn Review

GameFocus: "Of all of Nintendo’s franchise characters, Kirby has to be the most adorable of the bunch. Regardless of its stature, the pink ball almost always manages to bring a smile to any gamer’s face, young or old. As well as being so kind to the eyes, games that feature Kirby have often gone against conventional platform mechanics; typically offering something not found in other games. His latest adventure, Kirby’s Epic Yarn goes in a very different direction than what you’d expect in a traditional platformer and thanks to that, we are given a game that is so fun to play, you may have a hard time stopping."


+ Easy controls
+ Fantastic level designs
+ Delightful graphics
+ Unbelievable soundtrack
+ Coolest Boss Battles ever!
+ Tons of items to collect
+ Medal tier system for stages encourages replaying them


- Main story is short
- Might be a bit too easy for experienced players
- Trying to master each level may cause hair pulling

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