PSX EXtreme Interview: Hadouken! Adds Zip To NFS

PSX Extreme: "If you're a long-time PSXE reader, you know we like to be...well, eclectic when it comes to our interviews. We don't do too many but when we do, we like to be sorta special. It's why we've done everything from Dr. Khanna and the PS3 Gravity Grid to Piano Squall to The Pornstar Gamer to The Real God of War. Sure, we talk to guys like David Jaffe and Jack Buser, too, but really, "eclectic" is our interview theme.

And that's why we had a few questions for one of the hot new bands that's going to lend a lot of zip to Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Meet Hadouken! These guys are heavy into games and their style seems a perfect fit for the madcap racing action in NFS."

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