VGC BlizzCon Hands-On: Diablo III

VGC: "Honestly, I've never gotten into Diablo. Raised a console gamer (a very different breed than our PC-gaming counterparts), I had always been of the opinion, "Oh, so it's a game where you click a lot?" Further, the isometric view screenshots have really not been doing the game justice. I mean, check out some screens for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops (Ooh!), then compare them to the mild-mannered Diablo III screens (Oh.). The news of a double-wielding Demon Hunter class did nothing to change my mind, either."

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Dr-Zoidberg2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I whole heartedly agree with this article. I was a console gamer for years, never got into pc gaming. I had a old computer and sort of played a few pc games but nothing that sucked me in.

Last year I bought a Dell 1555 and whacked on a graphics card whilst I was customizing, not a great one a HD4570, just in case I should try a few games...since then I have not touched my console in ages.

HL2, Civ 4, Star Craft 2, Doom 3 and L4D are keeping me occupied.

I love Blizzard a lot and Diablo 3 is fast becoming my most anticipated title of next year. Yes it is coming out next year according to my trusted friend at Blizzard.

I never tried the series like this guy but the level of detail in this game looks outstanding for aisometric graphic style. I only hope it runs on my laptop.

Spectator12968d ago

Can't wait for it. D2 consumed so much of my life, just like StarCraft. I just hope D3 does a better job of repeating that than StarCraft 2 did.

Dr-Zoidberg2968d ago

what is the problem with sc2 I never played the first?