HonestGamers retro review // X-Men (Arcade)

Winston Wolf writes: "The appeal of the series may be its extravagance – whole teams of superheroes, ridiculously powerful supervillains, larger than life showdowns of mutant power versus mutant power against the backdrop of a world wary of both sides – and extravagance is a wonderful recipe for arcade success. Some X-Men cabinets were two-player. That’s modest. More often, they were four-player, right in line with the established norm. But for a lucky few, there was absolute awesomeness. There were six joysticks. There were eighteen buttons. There were separate quarter slots for each of the six playable characters and a doublewide monitor – no more would your character be punching henchmen lurking off-screen. If you ever played the six-man version, side by side with other players, the rest of the cabinets faded into the background that day."

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