Should GTAV Strive For Realism Or "Fun Factor?"

PSXExtreme: While I will always maintain that GTAIV is one of the best games of the generation, I understand the rift it caused between long-time hardcore fans of the franchise. People complained about the inability to do crazy arcade-y stuff and weren't too keen on the more authentic atmosphere; in other words, I think people sort of connected with the almost cartoony aspect of previous installments.

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Hellsvacancy2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Fun fun fun fun FUN, Coz thats what gamins supposed 2 b, if i ever want "realism" id watch The Jermey Kyle Show (its such a pathetic show)

kratos1232969d ago

Man screw realism gta sa was Soo much more fun then gta4 it was such a snooze fest I really hate the thought that I wasted Soo much time on such a bad game and it was Soo boring give my back my airplanes damnit

gamerzBEreal172969d ago

i like saints row more but a game can be realistic and fun (uncharted2) u just have to know how to do it