E4G: Rock Band 3 Video Review

E4G: E4G's video review of Harmonix's next game, Rock Band 3. Does Rock Band 3 stand up to be a game that is worth the full $60 bucks? Find out in the video review.

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Redempteur2967d ago

video doesn't load for me

dkblackhawk502967d ago

Loads for me, maybe different browser?

nikkisixx22967d ago

The reviewer needs a little more confidence when reviewing :P

His reason for 9/10 wasnt a good one I thought tho. "Doesn't bring enough new features to make it a $60 game"

so adding: pro mode, and whole new instrument, new menu layout, more customizable options, more songs, import of RB1 and 2 songs and DLC, etc.

I think that is a good addition to an already superb game. What else could they add?

tgh machines2967d ago

The speaker seemed very unprofessional, as if he read the entire review in one recording, which is not the way it should be done (especially when the speaker is making all kinds of errors).