Games for Windows Marketplace to launch with 100+ games

PCW: Microsoft plans to open a new online PC game store called Games for Windows Marketplace in the middle of November, it said Monday.

Microsoft will ready over 100 titles from various game makers for the launch, including many of the biggest hits from Microsoft Game Studios, including "Fable: The Lost Chapters," "Flight Simulator," "Gears of War," "Halo" and "Age of Empires Online."

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FordGTGuy2917d ago

Really worried about the game I'm worried about the prices.

toaster2917d ago

I'm gonna guess that it's gonna flop pretty hard. I might have to eat my words though.

GFWL is a nightmare, any PC gamer will tell you that. It is one of the most hated and broken distribution services known to man. I don't care if they have games exclusive to GFWL marketplace, I won't buy them.

despair2917d ago

they won't even make a dent in Steam, nothing beats steam, I mean 80-90% deals you can't get better than that, hell free games also, can't wait for their insane Black Friday deals.

CombineElite2917d ago

Games for Windows Marketplace is gonna suck just like GFWL.

M$ has already ruined their image with PC gamers and they will never get that respect back.

All the games they have are cheaper on STEAM so why bother.

The only reason M$ is doing this is because they see STEAM making a fortune on the PC and MAC so M$ wants to once again play follow the leader.

I'll stick with STEAM because they never abandoned their gamers unlike M$.

M$ Marketplace = FAIL