Truly Unusual Video Card Design

Quick preview of a very unusual video card design from Galaxy. The Nvidia GTX 480 WHDI will take us to another level of mobility.

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CombineElite2914d ago

Yeh I heard about this card a while ago but have yet to see a release date and a price point. It's also on a GTX 460 but a stand alone wireless 5.8 ghz adapter that does the same thing is like $40 bucks

Even though there have been many ways for PC Gamers to game on their BIG SCENE TV's for years now, maybe a few NON Technical gamers will finally stop saying the most absurd cliche ever after reading this preview....

"Console gaming is better because I can play games on my big screen from my couch"

I Facepalm with great sadness every time someone says this then I grab my wireless KB/M and go in the living room and play games on the big screen while sitting on the couch.