Why Kinect will fail: the "housewife factor"

Microsoft is aiming Kinect at the casual, non-gaming crowd -- a potentially grievous error.

GGG: "It's official: Kinect is for kids and housewives. As if we needed any further proof that Kinect isn't for gamers, Microsoft has elected to showcase the product on Oprah and The Ellen DeGeneres Show — neither of which is especially renowned for its hard-hitting games coverage.

It would seem Microsoft is aiming Kinect squarely at mums and their precocious offspring — as opposed to the mature gaming fraternity that helped build its console business. Perhaps this non-gamer gamble will pay off for Microsoft, but we don't remain very hopeful - and neither do most retailers."

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big_silky2913d ago

i didn't know housewives and little girls played steel battalion or a new panzer dragoon game...

seems like all the haters convienently forget those were announced...

csimpson2913d ago

Of course they'll throw a few bones to proper gamers, but the vast majority of Kinect's output is for the casual crowd. I'm not sure the same thing can be said about Move - Sony genuinely seems to be trying to make it appealing for all types of gamer.

BulletProofVess2913d ago

it will do wonders for the casual crowd.

but i fear that the core audaince will be left as the many of the first party studios already primarily develop for kinect

and if its not it will end up like the microsoft kin phone

oh well guess were find out soon enough.

Lightsaber2913d ago

hard to take this article seriously when they cant even get the price for Kinect right.

Beside that all the reports are that kinect pre orders are saling out all over the world

gaden_malak2913d ago

Everything sells out initially, I don't see why people think this will equal success?
Move sold out initially as well.

Anyway, I think the rise and fall of Kinect depends on if people can actually use it. By that I mean the open space factor. I know in my house the only place I could play it is a tiled floor as long as I move the table out of the way.

TekoIie2913d ago

golden malak brings up something very true. Now i have my ps3 in my room and if i had an xbox i wouldnt be able to use kinect because there is not enough room.

Microsoft assume that everyone has a living room big enough (or that they intend to move their xbox all the time simply to use kinect) to use kinect and not break anything or get hurt. Kinect is simply an "add-on" to the xbox which turns it into a wannabe Wii

anh_duong2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

i actually think kinect will do really well in terms of sales... it will also be a very poppular xmas item..

personally i doubt kinect will ever do core games particularly well but for a party/friends come round sort of perspective i think kinect is probably the best there is.. kinect in my opinion is the best party gaming gadget.. beyond partygaming i think kinect is bettered by move..

i should have bought kinect when it was available for around £80 - but then i wasn't sure whether to keep the my xbox or not.. unfortunately, i don't really have that much time to game these days so was thinking of either selling my xbox or giving away to my nephew..

it's nice to have a game attachment you can take up to entertain friends with and i think kinect is perfect for this sort of stuff..

oh btw i also love move.. i had some awesome games of table tennis with some friends over the weekend..

pixelsword2913d ago

Marianne Cusato, Takaharu Tezuka, and Sarah Susanka are probably rolling over in their collective sleeping bag-sized beds.

InTheKnow2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

The guy is a clueless hater...Xbox 360 S and Kinect with a game costs $199. The Sony Move bundle costs $399. Of course he knows this but chooses to ignore it. Add to the fact that with the Kinect bundle you are ready to plug and play. With the Sony pack you have NO navigation controller. If you want to play any games with TWO hands, you need another glowing controller and the worst part, unless you like playing all those silly party games by yourself, you'll have to buy ANOTHER controller. The Sony move is the most expensive system ever devised costing with a game you want, well over $600.

gaden_malak2913d ago

"The guy is a clueless hater...Xbox 360 S and Kinect with a game costs $199"

Look at the country of post before calling others clueless.

Lightsaber2913d ago

gaden_malak I disagree they only have to buy it not use it. I know a lot of people that have Wii's and they maybe turn it on once every 2-3 months.

I dont know of any place that sold of of the move. I admit I didnt really follow it but seen it an store around here whe it was released.

Pekolie everyone does have a living room big enough to use a kinect 6-8 its that much room. Then might be people in like china or someplace that dont have living rooms that big but I betting even it places like that its rare.

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NothingToGainButLove2913d ago

The big picture is exactly what you see in this article...
One or two games doesn't overshadow the predominantly casual lineup we've seen so far

Cueil2913d ago

one or two games starting off... there will be more

kerrak2913d ago

Repeat with me:
PS3 has no games
Kinect has games

xXxSeTTriPxXx2913d ago

i just don't see how they're going to make steel battalion and panzer dragoon, a gesture base game.mybe they'll have something @ e3.but there are some major question about these projects that needs to be how do you make a geature for shoting, changing your equipment, walking and runing etc?... will these gesture make the game more immersive and engaging or will the come across forced and silly due to the fact of the kinect limitions for this type of game?...i can say one thing for sure, this e3 for microsoft should be very interesting.better come correct M$ because the gaming world will be watching.

Qui-Gon Jim2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Isn't Panzer Dragoon essentially an on-rails shooter? Forgive my ignorance if I am mistaken, I've never played that series.

I too am curious about the Steel Battalion game. If they can get the interface right, it might be pretty cool. I don't see how they can do it without buttons, but the original game sounded interesting and might have sold more if not for the price that came with that awesome controller.

Edit @Redempteur: I don't see how it would work either, but let's give the developer the benefit of the doubt until we see something. Developers are pretty smart people, so they might come up with some good ideas.

Redempteur2913d ago

steel battalion ??

you think going from the MOST heavy bouton mech game in existance ( over 50 boutons if my memory is right )to a controller less interface will be the same game ??

the same experience ??

jden282913d ago

Look this article is silly in it's obvious attempt to drum up support for PS Move. I can take Move and Kinect seriously but this guy flat out lies and attempts to mis-inform. Kinect will "NOT" be $199 it will be $149. Every report released suggests that not only will Kinect meet the 4-5 million goal set bye M$ but beat it. It is the #4 most wanted toy by 8-16 year olds and move doesn't even place on the list. Who hear thinks that beaing premiered on Oprah will make you sell less to Moms and kids. Oprah features an un-known on her show and they turn into Dr. Phil, books sky-rocket to #1 on the bestsellers list Kinect will sell fine... Now rather or not we hardcore will get lots of hardcore games down the line maybe questionable but it will sell fine... This guy that wrote this article should be banned for insulting our intelligence, even we fans of both the PS move and Kinect know what the price of Kinect will be...

N4g_null2913d ago

What is really sad is move is so hardcore and the chapion mini games are so much fun yet they are like resort with the added bonus of less variety.

This is just Sony fan static. They really don't want this to do good just like the wii. The only thing that makes move hardcore is Sony refuses to advertise it. Other wise a new panzer dragon game and steel along with the game from the guy that made Rez pretty much makes your xbox a less reliable dreamcast 2 lol. You see hardcore gamers want games made just for the new controls. The move is just getting patches to game we don't really want to play. And seriously, sorcery over a panzer dragon game really?

What is also funny is all of these sony's fan where OMG the move can do minority report stuff but steel b is shooting for the same idea. Remember how the whole control monitor would be dropped on you.

Seriously the hate is what is destroying gaming not casuals. The gaming media seems hell bent on this also. It's pretty sad.

On top of all of this ms can still release a wand if they wanted to just like Sony did yet the kinect is a way better cam than the eye toy.

The whole this is only for casuals would mean no hardcore games are coming or few are coming. Seriously a patch is not a new game ms could patch games all day also.

Since the only people that come here are Sony fans just look at the agree amounts lol or vice versa. It's ok to give Sony a free past because the industry hates them remember? I mean if you hate the xbox for banking on shooters then the ps3 is no different, the xbox failure rate is crazy but so was the ps 1 & 2. Oh but most of you are new to that and the ps3 will last like a nintendo console right? Nope.

Also these controllers are suppose to extend the life of your console yet it doesn't seem like that is going to happen. Unless devs see more buying instead of arguing. There is alot of bad pr and habits to undo so we can get back to evolving game play experiences.

Sure they are not prefect but we can still make them fun. Which is the point right.

Also we all know most developers won't go motion controlled gaming till next gen any way so why worry.

Silver3602913d ago

If they want to keep growing the sales they have to expand outside of hardcore gamers. There is only so many of them to sell to. What happens when all hardcore gamers have a 360 or PS3? Should Sony or MS just say oh well that's it let's invest billions build a new system and not make a profit. You people are ridiculous, hardcore gamers just float a console until the manufacturer can reach scales of economy and sell the thing cheaper to the casuals. Casuals are always the target. Larger group of people = more money to be made.

AWBrawler2913d ago

shut that crap up, cos when i name hardcore wii games, you be like "Well, of course they gone throw a few Nintendo games out" or "2 games doesn't make it hardcore"
So yes, pal. kinect is in the same boat

ComboBreaker2913d ago

"i didn't know housewives and little girls played steel battalion or a new panzer dragoon game..."

They don't. And that's why Steel Battalion and the new Panzer Dragoon clone will fail miseriably on the Kinect.

A harsh lesson for the developers, but it must be learnt never the less.

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spankipants2913d ago

Once it's on Oprah, it's over.

GoldPS32913d ago ShowReplies(1)
seinfan2913d ago

And you get a house! And YOU get a house! ALL OF YOU GET A HOUSE!!!!

cereal_killa2913d ago

"Now if she showcased the Move probably it won't be."

Do you think Oprah showcased Kinect out of the kindness of her own heart Roflmmfa no way!!!! I bet there was a nice cheque waiting for her the Day before the show remember $500,000,000 goes a long way to convince someone that something is cool to showcase on there shows or to be caught in front of by the Paparazzi.

popzara_press2913d ago

This article may be a 'hate article' designed to 'get hits for its website', but you could describe just about any opinion piece here. While we may or may not all agree with the position they've taken with the Kinect (which is, again, just an opinion, as the device hasn't gone on sale yet) we must respect their fair use of this system here.

Perhaps the way articles are tallied and 'approved/reported' should reflect this, and not simply allow those who 'disagree with positions' to cite those who fail to share their worldview on things. Hate-speech and the attention it gathers, should always be protected and not censored.

gcolley2913d ago

he just described the wii

N4g_null2913d ago

If so then the ps3 will never catch it. Sony seems to not need money which is cool for them. Or maybe Sony is just to cool for every one to play. Only Hipsters can play it along with other cool trend setters.

I mean I can understand sequels when a game sells yet few ps3 games sell over 2million.

If Sony is going to copy the wii why not get some thing out of it?

Seriously I think Sony may be the next sega waiting to happen. If Sony supports the move the way they did the eye toy then it's already over and they don't even have a Mario yet.

westy5522913d ago

I love it an Aussie article, good to see the boys in Aus land know whats crap and whats

Fozzy252913d ago

Even down here in Aus, its obvious just how poor the Kinect is going to be for the hardcore gamer. I just love the fact that if you don't love Kinect and speak the truth you're immediately labeled a hater.

commodore642913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

"I just love the fact that if you don't love Kinect and speak the truth you're immediately labeled a hater. "
Wow, that's quite ignorant my fellow Aussie.

Kinect looks like a bucketload of fun. Testament to this are the millions of preorders that have registered across the world.

Sure, not every Kinectgame will appeal, but it really is a case of 'horses for courses'. Just because you don't love kinect, doesn't mean other hardcore gamers won't find joy in it.

It just seems that there is a very narrowminded bunch of self described "hardcore gamers" that can't stand the idea of a peripheral being fun for people other than themselves.
"Speaking the truth" is really a misnomer.
What's really happening is that a bunch of people with no interest in the device are looking for negatives, purely to ruin it for the people who may actually enjoy it.

If you don't like it - don't buy it!
But what you must NOT do is assume your opinion speaks for other gamers in Aus.

Speaking of the truth, why don't hardcore gamers like you ever mention this truth?

Cueil2913d ago

most of the people who talk against it are haters who have never even read an artical

kerrak2913d ago

Yet most of the people who cheer kinect are fans who have tried the thing and loved it.

Sitris2913d ago

And man, It worked like wanders for all the xbox live features, absolutely amazing. Loved that part, then when the assistant told me to play a game, I tried it with an open mind and urgh, not for me. But i am considering picking it up for the great connection with xbox live and the dashboard, plus I get to play all those great 360 games I have missed out over the years.. A win win situation for me!

gaden_malak2913d ago

"Even down here in Aus, its obvious just how poor the Kinect is going to be for the hardcore gamer. I just love the fact that if you don't love Kinect and speak the truth you're immediately labeled a hater."

Yeah, I was at a shopping centre down here in Melbourne and they had Kinect kiosks out and no one really paid it any attention. Kids used it, parents watched, but no adults used it. I doubt they're going to pay $300 for it, not when the Wii is cheaper.

@commodore, sell outs are irrelevant. Move sold out as well. If people can play it in their living rooms (space factor) and if it does what it says it can do will be the deciding factor.

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Fozzy252913d ago

That's the thing. I have little doubt that Microsoft will iron out the bugs in the games eventually, the problem is in the fact that the camera is just not capable of doing things the standard controller can. Which shopping centre did you try it at?
There are so many variables that will affect how Kinect will sell, remembering that at $450 for a 4GB Kinect Bundle, is actually $50 more than the Wii was at launch.