Narrative Design in Vanquish

Approaching the story to Vanquish was an interesting endeavor. It isn’t often that you sit in a room with the directors of Resident Evil and Code Veronica and get asked your opinion about the story. One of these points was the opposing force in the game. Platinum's initial candidate was China, but ultimately they went with the Russians. JP Kellams, one of the writers on Vanquish, noticed some people on the net claiming that Russia is clichéd as an enemy force, but it really is the only logical conclusion. Vanquish is based on an extension of our current world into the future, so the original plan of a Chinese enemy makes very little sense. China owns most of the United States debt, and the US buys most of China’s manufactured goods. When there is money to be made, people tend to find ways not to fight. Russia, on the other hand, makes perfect sense.

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Galaxia2968d ago

Code Veronica had one of the best plots and story in Resident Evil series. I am purchasing this game for the sole reason that the creator of Resident Evil worked on this title.

AKissFromDaddy2968d ago

The story is strong in Vanquish and I anxious to read a confirmation of a sequel. Concept for the sequel, Vanquish: Rise of the Russian Star (I think its too long).