Fable III and The Promises of Perfection

The always affirming yet constantly circumventing Fable series from Lionhead games returns to the 360 with Fable III. Fueled by a never-ending deluge of promises from creative director Peter Molyneux, the third entry in the seldom popular Fable series looks to have the pieces to make it the best of the bunch. But we’ve all been here before, driven to a state of hysteria, only to be slowly letdown when the ‘pretty good’ game doesn’t live up to our expectations that it will be the best thing since sliced bread

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kk13872969d ago

The Fable games have been a little disappointing to me if I'm honest. Just the little things which were muddled up or left out were enough to turn me away..

I hope Fable III can live up to my expectations which have been built entirely on the promises of the developers. It definitely has potential to be the defining game of the series - let's hope the changes to the system and new additions combine to make the experience worthwhile.

Gaetano2969d ago

I'm still just so very cautious of anything that comes out of Molyneux's mouth.