Black Ops Domination and Demolition Gameplay Footage

In this new video you can see a complete match of domination as well as some new awesome quick scope sniper gameplay footage in demolition. These videos are totally new and are really amazing and has the best picture quality available.

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AKissFromDaddy3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Impressive game. The way players move in COD is amazing. No franchise multiplayer game has this fluidity movement and that's why I love COD, you can get from point A to B in a jiffy :-)

PS. I hope Brink delivers :-)

PSS. I believe pistols are nerfed in BO

getonmylev3l3012d ago

Damn, they still have the animation glitch where if you knife them right after they did, you will knife when you respawn. It bothers me a wee bit

grailly3012d ago

why would they nerf pistols? They're awesome in CoD games, more than in any other shooter, But they are no assault rifle... they didn't need a nerf, they were really fun.

NVIDIAGeek3012d ago

Erm.. that is not fluid movements, but shit-small maps.

grailly3012d ago

I was talking to a friend that happens to be a big CoD fan, and what he actually likes about it is the small maps on which you die every 10 seconds... So actually, what he likes is what, we, was gamers, see as bad design lol

xYLeinen3012d ago

Same old CoD. No one ever goes for the objective.

AKissFromDaddy3012d ago

Its a beta so why try so hard in a beta. I believe they're having fun doing whatever they want.

Solid Wolf3012d ago

Except for the colorful looking perks and at least it's set in a different theme...

GoldenGamer3012d ago

why does it say hes playing first strike and not BO

Hurmun3012d ago

Its the name of the beta.