Will the Microsoft Kinect Be Successful?

Since the Kinect peripheral was first advertised for Xbox, it has started a lot of controversy over the internet. However, some gaming enthusiasts are worried that this upcoming peripheral is going to be a waste of money.

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qface642968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

in the end YES it will anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves

whether you like the thing or not its gonna be Successful

CrazyForGames2968d ago

yeah the thing is gonna end up selling i think its a piece of crap but im not gonna be dumb enough to deny its sales and in the end the thing will sell

but i can already see people here saying its gonna be lame, flop, just because they don't like it and completely ignore that it will sell

duuuur kinect is lame its not gonna sell because i think its lame duuuur

AndrewRyan2968d ago

It will sell hotcakes, any "new" technology sells. And yes, this IS new technology, don't give me the crap that it is the same as an eyetoy, in theory it is close, in truth it is actually "new" technology.

In the end it will disappoint and the xbox will lose credibility. Most people don't even know an xbox 360 is a product of microsoft so their next console will probably be called something else but the smart ones will know what and who to avoid.

Lifendz2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

It depends on how you define success. MS says they're going to advertise this thing but I haven't seen one commercial for it yet.

And the whole review embargo thing doesn't bode well. I saw that raft game at ComicCon and it still had lag.

vsr2968d ago

Canada,Mexico, South-america, Europe, Asia, Rest of the world = Failure

Anon19742967d ago

but then, I didn't think Move would sell either. The main problem I saw was competition. If Kinect or Move had released years ago, or in a vacuum they probably would have done well. That's not the reality now, however. A potential Xbox/Kinect buyer is going to have to look at the $299-399 package and then be faced with the choice of going with that or a Wii for $180. If casual games are what you're looking for, both have similar games, but the Wii has the price advantage and a roster of happy, Mario characters waving back at you. It doesn't get much more family friendly than that.

Now, a savvy buyer might look at the PS3/Move bundle as well which offers the benefit of a Blu-Ray player. For Dad's, a PS3 for the kids could be a trojan horse, sneaking a new blu-ray player past the wife, justifying the purchase as something "for the whole family".

So you've got the Wii at the cheap end, PS3 at the higher end with Blu-Ray - the 360/Kinect is kinda stuck in the middle of those two. More expensive than the Wii but not really offering much more for casuals than the Wii does, and not offering the home theater advantages the PS3 has.

Just my take. I've been wrong before. I still can't understand how the 360, at $150 and 10 times the games console the Wii is is still playing second fiddle to Nintendo.

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zeddy2968d ago

it pains me but idiots will buy it.

Bigpappy2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

That commercial M$ is running will insure the rest of them know about it too. Hope that helps the pain.

ASSASSYN 36o2968d ago

Really... that hurts you. How? You losing money? You are too into gaming if such things worry you. GAFL!

AndrewRyan2968d ago

It worries him because if Kinect succeeds then the industry will change because of all the casual success recently. Developers have a moto, "Money first, fans second". If the casual market makes more money then the casual market, then expect too see much more casual games.

qface642968d ago

"Developers have a moto, Money first, fans second"

you know realistically speaking the industry has ALWAYS been that way

ASSASSYN 36o2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Well Andrew you both apparently are new to gaming compared to me. I witnessed the transition in gaming from casual in the 90's to the hardcore just before and after 2000. It is like how people wore popped collars and acted like it was the newest thing. I was doing that in the 80's. Old becomes new and then old again. Casual gaming has been making a comeback since 2006. Where the heck have you all been?

Some people are oblivious to the history of change in gaming. Us old heads have seen these transitions before. You kids will be ok. No rivers need to be cried. It is only a video game after all. There are significantly more important issues that will occupy your lives in the near future than the alteration of the gaming market.

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mugoldeneagle032968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

It's gonna sell. Microsofts putting half a billion dollars into marketing, and if the Oprah video last week is any indication, you know what audience Microsoft plans on targeting.

In the end though I think it will end up just like the Wii. Lots of families buying it, a few great games for the hardcore along the way (not any time soon), and then slowly will die over time.

What I'm most interested in is what approach Microsoft will take going into the next generation of consoles. Sony made it easy on themselves making Move an accessory. The way Microsoft is treating Kinect, I'd be shocked if it wasn't some way (or version) included in the 720 or whatever they plan on calling it.

shadyiswin2968d ago

This will be a stepping stone for something greater. I'm happy with just menu navigation and msn chatting. The games I played were actually fun so huge bonus there. What I can't wait for is the next form of kinect that will have all the kinks worked out.

Blaze9292968d ago

if the MOVE launch was "successful" to Sony, then Kinect will definitely be ultra-successful to Microsoft. To anyone else, it depends what they think success is. Great sales, great games, great technology, great support, etc.?

I know Kinect will be successful. Like @qface64 said above, "anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves "

Simon_Brezhnev2968d ago

what does Move have to do with Kinect

Marceles2968d ago

"It depends on how you define success. MS says they're going to advertise this thing but I haven't seen one commercial for it yet."

There was a commercial for it during the Vikings/Packers game tonight

shadyiswin2968d ago

I thought that was a monday night football game....dammit!

morkendo232968d ago

haaaaaaa DONT make me laugh haaaaaaa OOPS just did.

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LordMarius2968d ago

coming from, I wonder what the answer will be...

All_4_One2968d ago


Because anybody who actually takes time to go on gaming websites, like this one, to keep up on latest gaming news, isn`t who Kinect is targeted towards. Why would we be praising Kinect on N4G when there is way better news for hardcore gamers out there?

hoops2968d ago

Thats exactly it. Kinect is not nor was it ever targeted towards core gamers who come to game sites. This is for the Wii demographics

commodore642968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Yeah not on

I remember the Wii when it was launched.
All of the N4G hardcore gamers railed and wailed against it - predicting its imminent failure.

Ashamedly, I have to admit I was one of the people that hated the Wii... that is... until I actually tried it with a bunch of people.
Yep, it was FUN!
A bucketload of good clean gaming fun such as I used to have on the C64.

I have said it before and I will likely say it many more times, but the FUN factor cannot be underestimated.

In every single video demo of kinect I have seen, there has been a number of technical imperfections which all the haters on n4g have pointed out thousands of times.... However, what hasn't been noticed as much was that the people actually PLAYING kinect had big SMILES on their faces.

Make no mistake, those people were having FUN.
That is why Kinect will succeed.

DigitalRaptor2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

The difference there is that the Wii was a console helmed by Nintendo - one of the greatest gaming companies. It was bound to have some excellent games. It launched with a great game FFS - Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Kinect however, is a peripheral with very limited input control. Microsoft are making it very hard for developers and probably for themselves, when it comes to making any great games at all. And when most of them will be casual shovelware, how can you expect much quality there?

Look at how the PS3 was bashed on N4G. Stupid really because anyone with half a brain would know that Sony (the same company who brought us the PS1 & PS2) would still be able to bring out great games and experiences, to the same calibre of those two past consoles. And there have been some truly incredible games on PS3, no argument there. All gaming platforms have great games.

But when you add a peripheral to the equation, you have to analyse what it is good and not so good for. There is so much that Kinect is limited to, that it's not really worth defending at this point.

Kinect's purpose is to try something 'new', but even if it doesn't work well, or at all.

dirthurts2968d ago

But I'm not sure it's for me. Of course in my size living room I don't think I could use it anyway.
But I'm sure there is a lot of untapped potential in there.

IHateYouFanboys2968d ago

itll outsell Move, ill say thats pretty much guaranteed.

i have no interest in the games that have been shown, but im buying one just for the motion and voice control media playback. could also be good for headset-free chat when i just quickly need to talk to someone over Live, though of course for online play ill use a headset.

people loved how easy the wii was to use, and how casual the games were. Kinect is even easier, and LOOKS even more 'fun' and 'family friendly' than the wii.

and contrary to popular belief, 'hardcore gamers' are not the ones that make a product a success or failure - the casuals do.

Anorexorcist2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

"and contrary to popular belief, 'hardcore gamers' are not the ones that make a product a success or failure - the casuals do."

So the only successful console this generation is the Nintendo Wii, while the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, which are the consoles of choice for hardcore gamers, are complete and utter failures is what you're trying to say???

With a screenname like "IHateYouFanboys" I'd expect you to have a bit more sense than fanboys, but you don't.

You also don't take into account that before Playstation, before the mid 90's, "casual gamers" wasn't even a formal archetype. There was a time when hardcore gamers were the overwhelming majority. If your BS were true, gaming would have died way back in the 70's or 80's.

You speak as if casual gamers beget hardcore gamers, not the opposite way around.

Go back to bed kid.

All_4_One2968d ago

I`m also going to chime in and mention the most successful console of all time, the PS2, was targeted to hardcore gamers LARGELY over casuals.

Nuff` said.

IHateYouFanboys2968d ago

youre kidding yourself if for one second you dont think that millions and millions of the 360 and PS3s sales are to the 'casual' crowd.

theyre the people that bought the PS3 as a cheap blu-ray player. theyre the people who bought one when it had a price drop because they didnt care about it before then. theyre the people that buy them and then hardly buy any games. theyre the people that buy the arcade 360s. the people that buy the 4gb 360 slims. they just want to play some games every now and then.

if it was the 'hardcore gamers' keeping these consoles afloat, dont you think games like God of War and Uncharted would sell more than 3 million? since every 'hardcore' gamer knows of these games and wants them, surely they would sell 10 million plus if the majority of the console sales were to hardcore gamers, right? 'hardcore gamers' bought their consoles around launch. casuals buy them steadily as the years go buy, as they get cheaper and cheaper.

yes, there was a time when 'hardcore gamers' were the majority. but then video games got popular and mainstream. thats when the casuals came in and we saw this HUGE explosion of sales, starting with the PS and then the PS2 especially. people bought the PS2 because it was the cool new thing. it played DVDs, it had 'realistic' graphics, it was the 'future'. you dont get 150 million console sales by only selling to 'hardcore gamers'. you get that much by selling to the masses - the casuals.

have you not noticed that both Sony and Microsoft have HEAVILY shifted their focus towards the casual gamer? they do this because they know in order for them to 'win', they need that market. like i said, the early adopters are the 'hardcore gamers', and theyve all got their consoles by now. they need to bring in the new gamers now.

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