Free Games What Need Playing: Realm Of The Tall Worm Edition

CFD!'s Rob Rich returns with yet another batch of noteworthy free games:

"In this edition of Free Games What Need Playing, we’ll be delving into the concept of life and death. You’ll gain a unique perspective of the food chain as you gobble up the scurrying masses as a gigantic annelid. You’ll also get to murder hundreds upon hundreds of pixelated creatures, possibly to extinction. You’ll even get a rare glimpse at humanity as seen through the eyes of something not of this earth.

"What you choose to do with this knowledge rests squarely on your shoulders, but no matter the outcome we hope you at least have fun playing."

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ShadowPraxis2913d ago

Worm Food was the only one of these I've played so far, but it was a blast. ImmorTall looks interesting. I need to make an afternoon of sitting down with all of these and going through them.

acronkyoung2913d ago

An afternoon? Dude, ImmorTall takes like 3 minutes to beat. Just go do it now.

ShadowPraxis2912d ago

I meant to do ALL of the games from the Free Games pieces Rob's done that I haven't played.

RogueCheddar2913d ago

Super Mega Worm on the iPhone is awesome too.

ShadowPraxis2913d ago

We're always looking for suggestions for more games for the feature, sir. Drop us a line...