Red Dead Redemption's Undead Plague: Is Mexico To Blame? (RunDLC)

Warning: Potential spoiler ahead.

We've spent the past few hours enjoying the Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare single player campaign, and thus far, the origin of the zombie plague remains a mystery. Well, at least to us.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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BeOneWithTheGun2917d ago

They're obviously spawn of ManBearPig.

TheLastGuardian2917d ago

I just picked up a $50 PSN card. I'm buying this as soon as it releases. I already got a team ready to boost the Kingpin trophy. I hope at least one of those secret trophies is gold. I'm getting them all so I can get back to 100%. I love RDR so damn much, I collected all of the trophies for the game and the dlc's. Just 1 more DLC and they will have over 100 trophies total in the game.

DarthMoose2917d ago

Cant wait to play this, ps plus members get a 2 dollars discount next plus update, but i've been itching to play this so bad theres no way im going to wait another week.

Nitrowolf22917d ago

since the game is also coming on disc, will this be playable without owning RDR like it was for the GTA4 dlc?

DarthMoose2917d ago

yeah, if you only wanna play the online componets and the undead nightmare story then all you need is the dlc disc that coming out.

sickbird2917d ago

mexico is always to blame.

DarkBlood2917d ago

they are to blame for those delicious tacos

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