The Japan Preview: 10/24 Edition (Move, Mario beats Pokemon)

VGC writes: "Lots of stuff to get to this week. After launching the Move and motion-ready games in the West during September 2010, Sony launched the Move in Japan this week. Sales were fairly modest, as bundles for games with the controller appear to be well under 50,000 units for the week. Beat Sketch, Big 3 Gun, and Sports Champions appear to be the early Move winners, although Resident Evil 5 did pick up a bit (because it supports Move) and over the longer-term my guess is Eyepet will do ok figures too. None of the games opened particularly strongly though, as Move has only penetrated something like 1% of the Japanese PS3 base in its first few days on the market (Move launched Oct 21)."

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NecrumSlavery2913d ago

VG can bullsh*t in the US, but I'll wait for official JP figures.

TOO PAWNED2913d ago

yeah 1% is really impressive for 3 days

TOO PAWNED2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

You should go back in school, first grade. You can't sell 0% of nothing.

blackburn52913d ago

First of all VGC doesn't know $hit. Second of all I cannot believe Move did 50,000 in 3 days in Japan. I want to hear a more reliable source. Move could have sold 2 million in Japan and VGC would still say 50,000.

Bigpappy2913d ago

I will never read anything frow VGchartz. But if your are wrong, I will be the first to approve anything with their name on it. I am betting that most Japanese games who wanted to play wand base motion games already have a wii an prefer the selection on the Wii. But I could be wrong.

TOO PAWNED2913d ago

Only legit numbers on Vgchartz are Japanese numbers. Why? Because they take them from Famitsu and Media Crate, so i doubt they are off, in this case because like i said they most likely read this info on some Japanese site.
When it comes to western numbers its complete guessing game = BS

jneul2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

posters on neogaf are posting move is sold out in japan already, i think i will wait for sony shipment figures