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Vanquish isn’t perfect. It has story problems, it’s not as long as it could be, and there is no multiplayer to speak of. The combat, mechanics and action are so innovative, and are done so well it’s easily one of the best games to grace consoles this year. The action in Mikami-san’s title plays out like a cross between John Woo’s A Better Tomorrow, Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop and Kazuaki Kiriya’s Casshern all rolled in to one. The new genre of Japan-style action games with Western-style shooting has been born; if you’re a fan of third-person shooters, over the top action, and enjoy a good challenge Vanquish is an excellent fit.

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Lifewish2969d ago

i have loved what i played of the game so far. Great review

Sevir042969d ago

I cant really understand some of the negative reviews, they complain about repetitiveness but then score repetitive games like COD and GTA all high scores. i'm in love with this. :-)

guzman2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

The only negative reviews are from the Japan-hating Xplay, the inconsequential GamePro and the frothing mad troll over at Destructoid (who's reviews Gamerankings won't add to the final tally). All in all, Vanquish's critical response has been fine, with the major sites lavishing praise with only a few dissenting voices that are mad because Geow just got punted to the curve by a booster kick to the balls.

Grimhammer002969d ago

Oh you love it now....just wait until the final boss on hard!
Kidding aside, this game destroys all!!!!

Sooo good!

SirRunic2969d ago

Um, the final boss on hard is nothing compared to challenge 6.

SB_tanker2969d ago

Hopefully in Vanquish 2 they'll make the campaign longer and add multiplayer.

byeGollum2969d ago

but Multiplayer? no need.

colonel1792969d ago

THe game has been getting a very good reception. I have no doubt there will be a sequel, and it could be a very improved sequel. My guess is that Mikami was focused entirely on the gameplay, since this is what makes the game great and fresh, so they can now focus on the details and multiplayer for the second game.

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