BattleStrats Hands On with Ubisoft's Your Shape Fitness Evolved and Kinect

As a recent winner of Ubisoft's Your Shape Fitness Evolved Boot Camp contest, I was flown to San Francisco by Ubisoft and given the opportunity to spend 2 full days playing on the Kinect and trying out the upcoming title Your Shape Fitness Evolved. Check out my written preview, many just uploaded videos of gameplay and interviews.

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yarbie10003067d ago

Looking forward to this game

commodore643067d ago

"The most amazing part of it all was that I was actually having fun while working out."

Well, you can't beat that!
I am looking forward to trying this out, too.

BrutallyBlunt3067d ago

I agree wholeheartedly. A lot of people who have good intentions of losing weight or working out give up early on and i think the reason is they expect immediate results. That's not how things work and why those magic pills and other quick remedies take advantage of the consumer.

With Kinect you are getting immediate results because you can see yourself doing the activity and there is a calorie counter right there. That feedback is a great attribute to getting people interested and as the guy in the video said, it was actually fun while working out.

DTMBSquid3067d ago

I am interested to find out how truly responsive this motion controller is.

Bigpappy3067d ago

Looking at this game thought is quit re-assuring that I am very unlikely to be disappointed by lag. But I will know next week. Dispite what some here may think, I am no console loyalist.

Blaze9293067d ago

for this game and the audience that will play it, lag is the least of their worries. It doesn't even matter for this game.

xxxAnubisxxx3067d ago

Hey Lost! I heard you had a blast on this trip. Great videos and info. I still am not totally sold on the Kinect but I am definitely now a lot more intrigued.

JLesinski3067d ago

Really cool seeing the pictures from your trip on Facebook. Can't wait to read this article

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