The TimeSplitters Wonderland

We Got This Covered maps out why the TimeSplitters franchise is so loved, and why it simply HAS to come back for another helping.

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thegreatest78842920d ago

I actually never played any of these games, but I've heard good things. If it comes back I'll definitely think about checking it out.

RaymondM2920d ago

I used to love timesplitters man! So good to see it back. It really reminded me of a refined Goldeneye to be honest

Super_092920d ago

Never really liked Timesplitters. IDk maybe it was just me.

ssj2gohan832920d ago

I used to have TimeSplitters 2 back in the day. Man that was a lot of fun, especially on trying to to complete all of the challenges and get all of the trophies.

TheHip142920d ago

Yep TimeSplitters 2 was great. Great series overall

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