Do you think we sometimes rely too much on autosave?

How can you rely too much on autosave? Yes, it’s a modern convenience to not be forced to replay a section of a game after an unforeseen death as punishment for neglecting to manually save every couple of minutes by habitually hitting the F5 key like a lab monkey earning his food pellets. Perhaps playing the same area of a game multiple times built character, in the same way that losing a limb to gangrene built character before the discovery of antibiotics.

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CombineElite2917d ago

DAAAAAAAm! just give me 888 sheets.

I would build like 3 super computers, an Eyefinity set up and
and get some Super Bowl Tickets to put in the glove compartment of a new Nissan GT-R that I would drive to go pick up Zoe Saldana who I would gladly have over for the weekend to uhh play games with me and watch football.

unrealgamer582917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

no I don't think we do I try and backup every save just In case.

CombineElite2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

OOOPs first post was in the wrong section. Sorry.

No I only hit save when I just pulled off a miracle run of not loosing any health but destroying everything in site during FPS.

In all other games were resource management is key and I just barley survived finding that rare item, Ya dam straight I'm hitting F5.

BeOneWithTheGun2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

I don't suggest you play Demon's Souls.

EDIT: Yes, I know he's talking about using the PC "F5" function but consoles do have the same thing in a way.

danielle0072916d ago

He's talking about auto-save. So, he really shouldn't play Demon's Souls.

Although, when I did play Demon's Souls, I was surprised to find that you actually do get to save your progress in a way, since when you open doors, they stay open.

IaMs122916d ago

Ive never played Demon Souls, but the thing i hate about games today is that i find myself playing, then having to quickly drop the controller to go do something or leave. I like to save it, but from what ive heard like games that are like Demon Souls you cant do that, and if your in the middle or just got past a hard spot your screwed if you have to leave.
I dont like to leave a console on just sitting there.

Anon19742916d ago

I'm in the same boat. That's one of the things that ruined Dead Rising for me. I shouldn't have to slog through zombies for 20 minutes just so I can get to a save point.

That being said, oddly enough I didn't mind Demon's Souls. There's so much replaying levels just in the regular course of the game it wasn't a big deal - and replaying the levels is fun. Also, if you need to save you could always just jump back to the Nexus. You'd lose your progression in the level, but at least you'd still be able to keep all your loot. It's not like it was a complete write off if you had to stop mid-level.

SKUD2916d ago

Ink ribbon and get to a type writer. Alive of course.

Bnet3432916d ago

lol I remember growing up playing those games on PS1, I never minded going through all that trouble to be honest. It was a survivor horror game, it was very realistic to go out and survive just to get a little ink ribbon to save. I wouldn't mind it now either, RE needs to go back to it's roots, I miss it. I like auto save though ..

OhReginald2916d ago

autosaving is great. It saves me a lot of times in games like fallout: new vegas. Shesh without autosave I would lose hours of gameplay.

theonlylolking2916d ago

Saving is nearly instant now you would lose less than a second.

danielle0072916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I relied on auto-save and quicksave soo very much with that.

If you forget to save constantly, and don't do anything with a quest to get an auto-save, you very well would lose hours of gameplay, because of a glitch or the game crashing. One time my dog glitched into the wall and died, and I had forgotten to save for a while, and I had to redo an hour of stuff just to get him back, because I hadn't done anything substantial to get an auto-save..

So, imo, auto-saves are nice, but throw them together with manual-saves, and it's golden.

OhReginald2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

with autosaving it makes sure nothing bad in-game would happen to your playing experience. If I quick saved in a horrible spot, where I die right after I load thats a problem, with autosave it makes sure i will have a fighting chance because it loads u right when you enter a new zone.

theonlylolking2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I played fallout 3. I had 7 different save points. 1 auto save and 6 manual saves. I manual saved over 100 times in 2 hours. Autosave could not keep up.

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