DPrime Review – Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Default Prime: "The plot in Kirby’s Epic Yarn is, (no pun intended,) threadbare at best, (okay, you got me, pun intended.) An evil wizard named Yin-Yarn (sigh) has sucked Kirby into his magic sock for the crime of eating his tomato, and is now trying to take over dreamland for… some reason or other… eh, he’ll figure out what to do with it later. Kirby finds himself turned into string, unable to suck in enemies due to the fact that his body is now hollow, but capable of transforming his string body with the power of Yin Yarn’s “metamato.” Kirby meets prince fluff, the deposed prince of “Patch Land” and together the two set out to fix the world that Yin Yarn has torn asunder."

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