Sounds Different: The Current State of Game Soundtracks

Game soundtracks have evolved from beeps off sound chips to Hollywood blockbuster level scores. Is that really a good thing?

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BeOneWithTheGun2914d ago

My all time favorite was Oblivion but I gotta say that the Fallout NV is really awesome. Especially using headphones.

AKissFromDaddy2914d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Most Japanese games do have the best video game soundtracks however the American games have some pretty great ones too, though not as many, but some as good in my opinion.

These are the American ones I love:
Modern Warfare 2 - Going Loud (DUN DUN DUN) -

Borderlands - Ain't No Rest For The Wicked -

Half Life 2: Episode 2 - Sector Sweep -

Halo 3 - One Final Effort -

Halo: Reach - Lone Wolf -

Deadspace Theme - (Goose Bumps Anyone?)

Split/Second OST 1 -

Gears of War 2 - Hope Runs Deep -

Killzone 2 - Main Menu -

God of War 3 - The Final Battle -

God of War 3 - Brothers of Blood - (2nd favorite, especially from 2:04-2:45)

Call of Duty:WaW Black Cats - (My favorite) (When I heard this in WaW, I lost it)

Post your American favorites :-)

PS. Most of these American games are shooters, lol

RonXD2913d ago

If I enjoy the music in a particular game, it actually enhances the overall experience for me. I'm glad we are seeing this type of evolution in video game soundtracks.

Prototype2913d ago

my vote goes to Tekken Tag Tournament Arcade, Tekken 3 Arcade version, and DDR Extreme jp version