David Cox reveals the first DLC details for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Producer David Cox reveals the first DLC details for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 game, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

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NecrumSlavery2918d ago

This is a 20+ hour story and it never ends!!!!

teedogg802918d ago

Heck yeah! It's very long for an action game, I'm on chapter 11 right now. Very underrated game.

Redrum0592918d ago


beautiful animations, great music.
dlc for this game is welcome in my gaming console,

NecrumSlavery2918d ago


You can save all concept art you earn or buy ingame and save it to photos in the PS3 XM to share with friends or use as wall paper. Just save it from the XMB Photo section while viewing the picture. Pretty cool feature. Don't know if 360 has this.

Redrum0592918d ago


kool, i didnt know that

VINNIEPAZ2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

My girl loved this game and was blown away by the ending. I thought I read somewhere the DLC is suppose to continue the story.

@ GigaGaia, yea I read they are working on a 2nd game. Cant wait.

GigaGaia2918d ago

The DLC might cotinue the story, but it won't explain what lead to the scene you saw after the credit.

You need to wait for the sequel for that, which MS already said they were working on.

princejb1342918d ago

i really hope they make a second game
this game is awesome
i hope they make it more like the 2d games
exploring a castle and actually leveling up

Socrates2918d ago

This really is one of the best games of the year in my opinion. And this is awesome. A super long game is about to get even longer!

Solidus187-SCMilk2918d ago

Ill buy the DLC, more of this game is what I like.

ChineseDemocracy2918d ago

I've played for like 4 hours, and I'm only just starting chapter 4 :S.

Taking my time with this one, lovin it.

EvilBlackCat2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

i have my Castlevania LoS Collectors Edition in my hands!!!

i was about to hurt somebody at the mall if i returned home with my hands empty.

PS3 version here to show some love to my ps3

Edit: Ohhhh the soundtrack SWEEEEET!!!!!

Lf_sIcKmAn2918d ago

Someone blows a big part of the ending!!! hide his comment quick!!! moderators!
Dont read any lower if you havent finished the game!

tinybigman2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

great game just a bit too long for me. also while being a great game it just didn't feel like a castlevania game to me. i'd give it a solid 9

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mrmikew20182918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Did you get to the last boss? I never saw that coming.

MiloGarret2918d ago

You should try to stimulate your brain somehow.

OT: great, my personal GOTY gets more content. Really looking forward to it.

Redrum0592918d ago

yeah, i wasnt expecting any of what happened during the final fight.
plus that ending after the credits took me by suprise

The Wood2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

yeah, im still waiting for an not silly or ignorant either. I pride myself on knowing what really happened just like i did for the 6th sense, Shutter island and inception....this one had me baffled though but not where i thought it made zero sense. It was such a long game i'd probably forgotten what happened near the start.

2918d ago
mricecreamman2918d ago

can't wait til the dlc!!! finished the game and got my platinum already!

gamingisnotacrime2918d ago

this could be a keeper.
DLC that offers similar value as the Fallout DLC does is the way to do it

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