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Scrawl: "A recent issue of Game Developer magazine sat down with Final Fantasy XIII’s Motomu Toriyama and Akihiko Maeda to talk development of the role-playing game. In their extensive interview, the pair reveals that Square-Enix had initially set up “focus groups” for Final Fantasy XIII, however “knew it would be too late to implement most of the feedback from the player test sessions.”

In our first Discussionist feature, which we’ll begin doing weekly, we want you, our beloved community, to take a crack at the fate of Final Fantasy XIII. Was it a success? Was it a failure? What went wrong? What new concepts did the team introduce that put the game at fault? What new concepts made the game more enjoyable? What should’ve been different? Was the game worthy of the Final Fantasy name?"

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Game-ur2968d ago

"Square-Enix had initially set up focus groups for Final Fantasy XIII, however knew it would be too late to implement most of the feedback from the player test sessions.”

What's the point of testers when Square-Enix ignore feedback?

Lovable2968d ago

To know what's the problem in the game, but like what's stated in the article, the development was already in the final stage and changing things cannot be done anymore. At the very least, they learned from their mistakes so that the future games would not suffer.

imoutofthecontest2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Re: "What's the point of testers when Square-Enix ignore feedback?"

To give the *appearance* of caring.
We all know Square Enix makes a living TELLING people what they want, not LISTENING to what they want. It's made them money. But with focus groups, now they can say "Nuh uh! Look, we even had focus groups!"

vsr2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Actually FF13 outsold over the WRPG shooters. This shows good situation despite we are brainwashed against JRPG's.

None can touch FF in the RPG genre in sales. But FF13 quality is compromised.

If they made PS3 bundles in America,Europe and advertised properly, It would have been sold more than the current sales.

iamtehpwn2968d ago

How poor a Final Fantasy can be without side diversions and open fields/exploration.

I just at least wish you could go back and visit previous environments. Why can't I go revisit Lake Bresha?

Millah2968d ago

Not only that, but also storytelling and good directing. Thats something most people take for granted or overlook, but for a story driven game its one of the most important things.

Also FF13 helped reinforce exactly why I hate repetitive game design so much. The old FF's had such brilliant game design and were great at keeping the game from feeling repetitive. It didn't constantly stay in a mold of town-dungeon-town-dungeon, but rather varied that and did things like dungeon-town-story-town-story- dungeon-town-dungeon-story-town etc.

phatak2968d ago

Biggest disappoint this generation

PS360fanboy2968d ago

For me as well.

Graphics? Totally succeeded.
Sales? No question about it.
Classic, timeless, good ol' Final Fantasy game? No bloody way.

Anorexorcist2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )



So therefore, in the eyes of the N4G MS sycophants, it is an overwhelming success (classic status I'm sure). In the views of Playstation 3 gamers, overall it is most likely a fail.

Any other questions?

A Cupcake for Gabe2968d ago

Except it didn't hit 8mllion so MS probably considers this a fail anyway.

FFXIII was all pretty and no insides. What stupid idea to go multiplat SE!!! I am glad to restart my PS3 to play everyday playing New Vegas than to sit through a game with nothing beyond the flair. SE hasn't released one good console game this generation.

I miss Squaresoft and the days of old. Will we ever get something like FF-FFVIII, or KH, or Chrono Trigger ever again on console?

Panthers2968d ago

Did FF13 have a decent story? I would like to play it but it sounds like a mistake lol.

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Kalowest2968d ago

It succeeded in being a failure.

NovusTerminus2968d ago

Kind of at odds here.

Gameplay wise yes it did fail, however I do think that it brought an interesting idea, all we need now is full party control.

Story wise I kind of enjoyed it. That said, Fang and Vanille where horrible characters. Hope was good after a point and Snow was cool. But Cid was the best.

Resonance was still better.

All in all I must say it failed as a whole, but the ideas behind it might be able to be refined... Though I could be completely wrong, and knowing SE's track record of late I will be wrong.

VersusEM2968d ago

Rensonance of Fate's story was god awful,and the characters were bland. The game-play is the real star of the game, even though it never really develops thoughout the game

Lovable2968d ago

Well everything about the gameplay was already handed to you right from the start.

NovusTerminus2968d ago

The characters of Resonance where not bad. At least the main three, on the flip side FFXIII's cast was more like a western cast designed by the Japanese. They really ditched all the Japanese flair from the characters, and yet made it look like an anime so it doesn't appeal to anyone.

The story for RoF was very... Obscure, but to be fair the story of FFXIII was not a home run either. So while neither game did great story wise, RoF at least stayed true to the Japanese humor that the fan base would like.

Gameplay is a clear cut. XIII failed, simple put it was shallow, and needed no tactics. While RoF was very in depth, and while it added nothing later in the game you would be touching up whatever methods you use throughout the game.

XIII's story was okay, however everything in it was seen coming from a mile away.

Kalowest2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

RoF is an awesome game. The gameplay was unique, The character designs were cool, and the story was interesting. I liked RoF more than FF13.

MariaHelFutura2968d ago

Vanille was cool, Hope was horrid and Snow is overrated. Lightning was pretty cool.

Homicide2968d ago

Resonance of Fate's story was terrible and almost non-existant. It was filled with vague and irrelevant cutscenes. What was the point of the X-mas chapter? And the ending was God awful.

BillOreilly2968d ago

Resonance was one of the most addicting rpgs ive ever played. Didnt even beat ff13 til i beat resonance. FF13 failed but square has still published star ocean 4, infinite undiscovery (sooo underrated), the last remnant, with ffvs13 on the way and many great psp/ds titles. I still love their other games and have faith in them. FF13 was a wake up call. I think vs and agito will be what 13 shoulve been.

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thehitman2968d ago

Had good gameplay after the first 40% of the game which took too long to take in my opinion to unlock everything. But I think the worst thing that drowned FF13 for me was the lacklust story. Didnt pull me in at all was boring felt like a chore to play the game and I never finished it. FF10 I played it non-stop and even FF10-2 I finished and thought was decent. Im hoping FF13v has a better story which looks like it should.

VersusEM2968d ago

Final Fantasy XIII=succeed

I thought Final Fantasy XIII was one of the best rpgs this gen. I love the fast paced gameplay, the engaging story, the characters, and of course the graphics. And I hate how people say the game was crippled on the multi part, saying "the graphics would have been so much better", Real gamers don't care about graphics. I mean look at the graphics of Final Fantasy VII, back in the day they were good, but now there not, and the same thing is going to happen with XIII.

Anderson82968d ago

i wish i played the same ff-xii version as yours it sounds awesome. unfortunately i got the crappy one with annoying characters, 25 hour tutorials, over linear levels, poor pacing and no towns, airships or side-quests

no-one complains about the visuals being effected by going multiplat its the removed content

lastdual2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

XIII wasn't the worst FF, nor the best.

It gets a lot of hate for its changes (and from conspiracy nutcase fanboys who think its core design was totally transformed by going multiplatform), but in the end it wasn't a bad game, just not at the level of the top entries in the series.

SE has been getting all "experimental" with a lot of their games in recent years, minus their new cash cow Dragon Quest, but hopefully the fan reaction will encourage them to go back to their roots a bit when FFXV rolls around.

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