Steam is too strong for Games for Windows Live

Most gamers have heard of Games for Windows Live is trying to expand across the PC Gamers Market but will the popularity of Steam destroy Windows chances of even being noticed?

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CombineElite3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Valve with it's innovative games along side it's Online store and gaming community Steam, are way too much for Microsoft.

The Microsoft store is just M$ doing what it does best, playing follow the leader. I don't see M$ offering anything innovative to PC gamers. M$ is just looking for quick cash.

Steam has 30 million active users and is approaching 3 million daily peak users and have been LOYAL and in communication with it's gamers from day 1.

M$ has no loyalty or Honor to it's gamers, just look at the Xbox 360 Exclusive list and remember how M$ dumped the PC for it's 360. M$ needs to just go away or go make good with 360 owners as PC gamers DON'T NEED M$.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Even the exclusives on Xbox 360 are not so strong now, as the competitor which is the PS3 (as you can see in the catalog).

MS focus to spend $500 Millions on marketing on Kinect than making good games on Xbox 360 and supporting PC Gaming.

kaveti66163013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Do you seriously stop and click shift + 4 every time you want to write MS? It's so depressing, man, to actually realize that you did that when you were writing your comment.

evrfighter3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

shift clicking 4 is still a lot shorter than typing out Microsoft. Some people can do it in the blink of an eye. Just because you can't there's no need to cry about it.

back on topic.

There's nothing wrong with competition. I seriously doubt they come even remotely close to offering what steam does. But it should be entertaining to see them try.

Moentjers3013d ago

on azerty keyboards, it's part of the lowercases

kaveti66163012d ago

I said MS, not Microsoft. Instead of just typing MS, the guy writes M$ because he wants to, what, make a point about how MS is a corporation that seeks to make a profit in a cutthroat industry? And Sony runs on happy dreams and marshmallow smores? And Nintendo runs on donations from doing pro bono plumbing?

Why is MS the one that gets marked with the dollar sign? Is that supposed to be clever?

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GoldPS33013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

I just made a Steam account yesterday. I'm loving it very much. I hope it comes to PS3 soon.

Snakefist303013d ago

Steam is the Best and always will be the Best!!!

DeadlyFire3012d ago

Microsoft buys Steam. It has no chance in hell of getting large share of PC market for another 20 years.

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Pandamobile3013d ago

Steam is a couple days away from hitting the 3 million concurrent users online mark. It came dangerously close today, peaking at 2,989,852. And just last week Valve celebrated their 30 millionth Steam user accounts.

Microsoft, do you really expect to compete with that?

FordGTGuy3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

could use some competition I don't see the fuss about Windows entering the market.

Microsoft needs to do what they did with the Zune Software and make it run smooth even on slower computers with alot of community options and visually appealing interface.

Pandamobile3013d ago

Steam's already got plenty of competition. D2D and Impulse have been around for years.

But Steam is the biggest, and by far the best digital retailer out there.

FordGTGuy3013d ago

Much competition D2D and Impulse do not offer what Steam does, I'm hoping Microsoft at least tries to be a true Steam competitor. Steam isn't just about buying and downloading games its also about the community.

AKS3013d ago

Usually I'd agree that a single competitor would need competition to drive prices down and improve service for consumers, but in the case of Steam their prices and service are already incredible.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

I think the way MS is trying to gain popularism with 3rd Party Developers to add Games for Windows Live, to include that in the newest games and leave Steam, like Dead Rising 2.

I don't know if Lost Planet 2 also have this support, or Capcom have an agreement to include Windows Live.

Pandamobile3013d ago

Yes, but gamers grudgingly use Games For Windows Live. I've never met a single PC gamer that likes the service.

More and more devs are starting to drop Live in favor of Steamworks. Fallout: New Vegas for example. Then in under two weeks, we've got COD: Black Ops with full Steam support.

Games For Windows Live will never amount to much, trust me. If they have 8% of the PC digital download market in 2 years, I'll be amazed.

jack_burt0n3013d ago

relic have ditched GFWL woot!!!!

BlackBusterCritic3013d ago

They know where PC gamers stand, and they know we still feel animosity towards them for when they tried to charge PC gamers for GFWL. They wanted to do what they did with XBL, charge gamers for services that should be free because there is no real cost to offset.

AKS3013d ago

GFWL is awful. The games that use it crash often. I just don't like it. Almost nobody likes it.

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SkyGamer3013d ago

My only problem with DD games is that you can't choose which HDD to install them on. I had steam install to c but I use that for apps and windows and use d and e for gaming. I found out that you had to install steam on the HDD you want the game to be dl and installed on. Other than that steam is very nice.

pr0digyZA3013d ago

That also annoyed me, because when I split up my drive I made only my c drive 150gb which is my windows drive, and 500gb for d drive which is games drive, now I have around 30 steam games that all go to c drive instead of my games drive. I just feel sorry to the person who has a very small windows drive, they would have to do a clean install.

hiredhelp3013d ago

too strong for windows. wtf pc was reconised way b4 steam valve come in.
and because steam hit the pc market they only got them selvs alot of money threw that system.

hoops3013d ago

Hey i am all for competition baby.
Steam in my books is fantastic

dirthurts3013d ago

If anyone can compete it will be Microsoft. They could always push exclusives that steam would have trouble attaining. I'd like to see these two battle it out. Lower prices and better services FTW!

CrippleH3013d ago

Exclusive DLC coming to Windows Live. Content locked out from stream but is modded back in by the community.

I bet this would be the case.

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