Bethesda’s Pete Hines on his PR philosophies, finding the right people and how sincerity sells.

Celebrating 11 years of hard work at one of the fastest growing publishers in the game industry this month, Pete Hines, Bethesda’s vice president and head of PR and marketing, has grown his solo operation into a globally operating department. Right before diving into the recent launch of Fallout: New Vegas, Hines took the time to share his stories on building his team, his own philosophies on PR and how a genuine approach can sell more copies.

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MultiConsoleGamer2919d ago

This company knows what they're doing.

Bigpappy2919d ago

They are one of my top 2 developers and I like the talent they are recruting.

VGVisionary2919d ago

The sure know how to pick them!

Gamesauce2919d ago

Glad to see their approach resonates that well :).

musicresearch2918d ago

A good article highlighting one of the more 'behind the scenes' roles at one of the less 'in your face' companies. A good read.

Looking forward to seeing more from their stable over the next few years.