wordpress: Kinect at GITEX Dubai makes a BIG debut

Interactive has become the new fad in video gaming and more people, young and old, are rushing to experiment with this new sensation. Here in Dubai the game has picked up a solid supporter base and is drawing a crowed of loyal followers. From games such as car racing, to boxing to table tennis and more the Kinect X-box game series has taken the interactive experience to a new level. From a business standpoint the gaming industry and microsoft has picked a right market and a perfect timing to launch this product in the Middle East that has one of the youngest demographics of consumers in the world.


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EasilyTheBest2919d ago

...a positve Kinect article.

Whine about it, there must be something here you can bitch about.

Parapraxis2919d ago

"there must be something here you can bitch about. "
How about the pre-emptive damage control that you display.
Are you THAT insecure?
Criticism is a good thing, also making jokes about Kinect is fun. Grow a pair, and while your at it a sense of humour.

EasilyTheBest2919d ago

Well thats got to be the best, calling the kettle black, ever. LMAO

punkpop1012919d ago

Sorry but when ps3 fanboys trolling has became humour.

aviator1892919d ago

The casuals will definitely be inclinded towards picking up Kinect this fall.
In the end, some will enjoy the hell out of it while some will look at Kinect as a gimmicky add-on, feeling that developers will never use Kinect to its fullest potential.
Of course, some games such as Child of Eden should definitely be encouraging news.

MorganX2919d ago

Most peripherals are under utilized. I expect the fitness stuff will do really, really well.

Parapraxis2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Chicks will definitely dig the fitness games. My GF wants one for Move but as it is right now the only option is the Mel B game...which I don't think I want to cough up money for.
EA Sports Active 2 will probably be the one to get.

I'll most likely be getting Child of Eden aviator189, it looks very unique.

Moonboots2919d ago

And the Dance stuff as well.. Dance Central is getting a lot of buzz. Not my type of stuff but the kids are going to love it.

uxo222919d ago

"My GF wants one for Move but as it is right now the only option is the Mel B game...which I don't think I want to cough up money for"

Shouldn't you be looking at it as spending money on your girl and not on yourself.

IRetrouk2919d ago

child of eden works with the pseye as well, it dosnt need move to play it, thats you reason for getting kinect, for a game a 20 pound camera can do too?

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Bigpappy2919d ago

Reviews of some games will start by next weekend. If Dance Central get review higher than Most AAA games this year, this site would explode with venom and accusations of foul play.

IRetrouk2919d ago

why would a dance game get better scores than AAA games? its a gesture based game at best and you as a gamer should not be happy about something that is seen for the kids.

Cueil2919d ago

aka: Lack of Knowledge... It is not a "gesture based game" You don't use "gestures" to make things happen... at worst it's teaching tool to learn how to dance at best it's a really fun party game

Cold 20002919d ago

Come on man hate Kinect all you want but unless you're some weird geek living in your mom's basement and can't move even if it was to save your life, you have to admit Dance Central does look cool.

IRetrouk2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

it is gesture based you do a pose and it scores you for that pose, it dosnt teach people how to dance at all, go look up the vids mate, i think its you thats got a lack of knowledge

no offence cold but i am not nor ever will be into dance games, or fitness games, they are boring after the first 5 mins, and i dont hate kinect, but its very much a been there done that kinda thing.

Parapraxis2919d ago

I actually EXPECT Dance Central to get generally good reviews. It is one of the few Kinect titles that actually looks fun and works well with the hands-free motion controller idea.

How about sticking up for some other games Bigpappy, like Joyride or Kinectimals? I bet you think they will rock the gaming world to its foundations as well eh?

uxo222919d ago

I don't see you sticking up for Kung-Fu Riders and start the party. See how I did that?

commodore642919d ago

Yeah, well said uxo22

Isn't it funny that the same people who constantly disparage kinect conveniently forget about things like this:

gypsygib2919d ago

500 million in marketing equates to a lot of advertising dollars, don't expect too many poor reviews. It's a lot easier to give up integrity than 100 000 dollar advertising agreements.

Bigpappy2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Nothing about Kinect is true. because M$ is spending a lot of money on maketing. Oh, and Tupac and Elvis are still alive.

tatotiburon2919d ago

kinect is everywhere, biggest launch of this generation indeed, this holidays will be amazing

Parapraxis2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

...for soccer moms and pre-teens....For a few weeks.

Cueil2919d ago

A few weeks? The most likely senario is that it'll competely sell out and will be hard to find for months not weeks

mrv3212919d ago

Except the Wii... and DS.

0oAngeluso02919d ago

I consider myself core when it comes to games, but I pre ordered one the day after E3. Keep in mind Casual gamers outnumber core gamers by a rather large margin. So it will do fine, the big thing this will do is push the 4 gig arcade/Kinect bundle. I mean $299 for 2 consoles, an HD amazing console with a huge library of games and a new motion control console with a game. It's a good deal. Microsoft is going to clean up this Holiday. Cant wait to get my Kinect.

Parapraxis2919d ago

"Keep in mind Casual gamers outnumber core gamers by a rather large margin."
Very true, I believe its Ten to none.

0oAngeluso02919d ago

It's more like 10 to 1. Just look at the DS or Wii or Farmville or any of that other stuff. It's popular now. Kinect will do well with those people and anyone interested in having fun. Which is what video games are for right? So who are we to judge?

gypsygib2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

@ 0oAngeluso0:

"I mean $299 for 2 consoles". Kinect is not a console, it's a controller and a rather expensive one at that. It doesn't play games, it controls them, just in a different way.

MS called it a console when they said it will be one of the most successful console launches in history, and you just agreed with what they said by suspending you rational and critical thinking.

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