Treyarch Detail Black Ops Score-per-Minute MP Leaderboards

Treyarch always did go one better than “other Call of Duty developers” when it came to multiplayer stats and leaderboards. With Black Ops they are taking it to the next level, calling what they have done “our most aggressive leaderboard effort to date”. That means we can expect all of the goodness that World at War gave us in the stats department (heatmaps FTW), along with a slew of new stuff including the way stats are sorted.

Recently in a post on the CoD forums, Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar revealed a brand-new system for the leaderboards; they will be sorted on a score-per-minute average basis. This, amongst other things, will mean that people who play objective modes and actually capture objectives will be rewarded.

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Pandamobile2968d ago

Sure looking that way. I was a huge fan of COD4. Treyarch did a pretty good job on World at War, but I never actually bought the game. My friend gave me his serial key in exchange for my extra copy of Unreal Tournament 3.

Then Infinity Ward came in and shat up the franchise with MW2, which (at least the PC version) was an absolute abomination.

The fact that Treyarch is returning all the stuff that IW removed, like dedicated servers, mod tools, etc is reason enough for me to buy it.

getonmylev3l2968d ago

I just built my first computer.(6 core processor + gtx 470) I want to start gaming on Pc but I'm more comfortable with CoD on consoles. I feel like I'm gonna get destroyed on pc if I get CoD on there ha.

therealwillie2968d ago

@getonmylev3l same here! ive finally got the last piece for my set up and want to start playing games properly on p.c, ive been playing crysis online the last couple of days and ive been getting hammered... but i'm gonna force myself to get black ops for p.c, because if theres any game that i'm willing to spend a long time at to learn how to play properly its cod.
my only issue is the keyboard, love the mouse, hate trying to slam all the keys on the keyboard!

getonmylev3l2968d ago

Yeah man, It's tough going from console to PC I've been playing LFD2 and Nazi Nombies but I just feel that I would get absolutely dominated on Black Ops

unrealgamer582968d ago

lol If you mean compared to cod 4 and mw2 that's not saying much.

And no I'm not a troll, Just giving my opinion

Try not to break you're finger disagreeing b!tches :)

Pumbli2968d ago

Did you just call me a finger?

vickers5002968d ago

So anyone who disagrees with your opinion is bitch...

Children today. So immature and disrespectful.

Tapey2968d ago

"Treyarch always did go one better than other Call of Duty developers when it came to multiplayer"

That's because unlike Infinity Ward, they actually care about and value their customers.

mordakai82968d ago

Gun Game is a good example of this... The community told Treyarch to rip off a CS:S Mod, and Treyarch Delivered :)

Pandamobile2968d ago

Yeah, I racked up a couple hundred hours of CSS gungame. That 1UP sound from the Mario games when you get a kill and get a new gun is oh so satisfying.

radphil2968d ago

"The community told Treyarch to rip off a CS:S Mod, and Treyarch Delivered :)"

You know when you word it like that, it makes it sound like people don't want any original ideas. :p

mordakai82968d ago

lol i was only joking with you guys.. I seriously think treyarch listens more than IDub..

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soundslike2968d ago

nice move to take BFBC's score per minute, it really does shut some people up about K/D. But hopefully thats the main stat you see after objective based rounds...

jdktech20102968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Hooray Treyarch.....when this comes out, my rotation will be complete for quite a while with BO, Reach and MOH/BC2 (MOH getting stale already)

I gotta say it's definitely nice because as an objective taker, my K/D always takes a hit so I'll have something to show for it now which is always good.

I swear if DICE and Treyarch/IW ever worked together and combined their ideas, it would be the perfect FPS