52 Video Games and Their Movie Doppelgangers

UGO: "The bond between a man and his horse is all but gone nowadays, but that doesn't stop me from combing my Nissan Frontier's braids, mating it with a purebred Altima, and hitching it to a post when I go to Jumbo's Clown Room."

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MultiConsoleGamer2914d ago

Ok I don't agree with some of these comparissons. The only think Eastwood and James Marsden have in common is their hat... and that stylish Mexican poncho.

Other than that small complaint, what a great article. Someone really put some effort into this. Definitely one of the better articles I have read this week.

Stuart57562913d ago

Borderlands - Pitch Black. Hmm, I can think of a better match for Pitch Black. Also the Half Life - Children Of Men, I thought that when I first watched the film.

FordGTGuy2914d ago

see the Clint Eastwood similarities, he didn't talk or act like Clint Eastwood, from the Good the Bad and the Ugly, in the game either.

BillGatesSaysHi2913d ago

Gears of War: Battle for Peristone
Oops to early
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AlienFodder2913d ago

What I find odd is that a lot of those games actually have their own movie equivalent and yet they're weren't paired up. Also, I think John Marston looks a lot like Karl Urban in Comanche Moon. :)

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