Ten signs you play too much Call of Duty presents the top ten signs you play too much Call of Duty.

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scar202917d ago

Who the hell would forfeit sex over a game...choice between sex and a game heres your answer.

no_more_heroes2917d ago

I'm officially coining the phrase "meta-bubble"

Dee_912916d ago

lol if you got them problems you need help
... im always thinking of what type of weapon attachments i can use tho
like when im out doing random stuff
once in walmart i was walking doown an aisle and i just said out of no where "ofcourse !11 FMJ + stopping power " lol
my bro was like what the hell... i said im about to whoop some ass when i get home
and sure enough i think i had
28/3 kill death ratio lol
happened 2 weeks ago actually

CombineElite2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

I've passed up sex to continue playing my game a few times but it sure as hell wasn't Call of Duty and it wasn't some girl that I already hadn't slept with already.

I'm not gonna lie, a few times at work I have told a co-worker to "stop camping spawn and go complete an objective".

the first time i said that the guy looked at me like I was speaking Russian.
the second time I did that to a different person he replied "NO I'm Oscar-Mike to lunch Delta-Two 3-2-1-Splash" then he clocked out and went to lunch.

I laughed so hard and we have been gaming friends since.

MasterGuru2917d ago

A gaming girl. I like it.

xYLeinen2917d ago

Work related: "stop camping spawn and go complete an objective"

Hilarious :p

nickjkl2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

the number one sign you play cod when you have analyzed the animations as and weapons damage per second as well as time to get from point a to b and incorporate it into your game play

well at least thats what i do

MasterGuru2917d ago

I'm guilty of all charges.

FishCake9T42916d ago

Same here
It may be sad but a few days ago i was playing cricket and called the opposition "the enemy".

BloodyNapkin2916d ago

Here is another

If you try to compare it to real life.

Like some people are doing in the other threads.

TroyAndAbed2916d ago

As much as I love Call of Duty, I've never done this stuff.

inFamous - I CONSTANTLY wanted to scale buildings.

Dead Rising 1/2 - I always look for the best weapons when I go somewhere unfamiliar.

Red Dead Redemption - I dressed like a cowboy for a week.

See, I'm already obsessed with Halloween. Costume Quest isn't the reason I'm actually in a mask right now. I wear costumes 24/7 every October.

DufferO82916d ago

When you see a plane above you shout "AC130 ABOVE!" lol

Triggs2916d ago

Nice one. Weirder if you sound like the voice in the game.. :-)

Steven212916d ago

I havent played cod in months but this my friends and have yet to stop doing this

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