5 new and upcoming games to get you screaming

It's nearly Halloween - so Megabits of Gaming takes a look at some of the games that will scare the living daylights out of you.

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Haxel0514102942d ago

Looking forward to Silent Hill 8. The trailer looks really disturbing...

MegaBit2942d ago

Def Dead Space 2. Easy Choice, a no brainier.

snaileri2942d ago

Dead Space games are Doom3-like 'horror games'. It's not horror if you get scared by a suddenly coming loud noise. Real horror means the constant tension and atmosphere. Look at Penumbra and Amnesia to see what I'm talking about.

jony_dols2942d ago

I own both Amnesia and Dead Space. They are both scary in their own right, albiet Amnesia is scarier. But they are still 2 excellent games, that are great to play around Haloween.