CVG: Is Fallout: New Vegas too Ghoulish to Be Great?

Fallout: New Vegas might have faired well in terms of review scores generally, but it's been bugs from the kookie to the crippling that have been the main point of conversation surrounding Bethesda's latest.

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Nate-Dog2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Lol CVG I've lost much of any respect I've had for you after making an article about Edge giving NV a low score because of bugs and glitches and some graphical problems, and now you say this.

(And in case any of you don't know what I'm talking about... http://www.computerandvideo...

andron2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

CVG is part of the Gamesradar network, which EDGE also belongs to. Future Publishing is behind all these sites and magazines, just look at the bottom to the left of the CVG page and it will be clear.

The article about EDGE was only to promote one of their magazines, not criticizing their opinion, though they didn't concur...

Edit: But you are also right, since they do use their sites to get attention for their other sites. Like CVG is doing with EDGE now...

Nate-Dog2914d ago

Oh I see, hmmm maybe I have misconstrued it, apologies for that. Still irks me the fact that just because one other site (or team?) gave an indifferent review of a game they have to say it's wrong or "controversial". Opinions are opinions.

andron2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

And I have read the EDGE review and it doesn't sound as much controversial as honest. At least if my experience playing F3 is anything to go by. think I will be skipping New Vegas.

I get what you are saying, and if you don't know their all part of the same family it's easy to get the wrong picture here. But they do exploit it and it's all for hits.

Makes you wonder if EDGEs reviews are actually made to be "controversial" since they often have low scores and harsh reviews...

socomnick2913d ago

man this game is buggy, whenever i aim down the sights i get a black computer monitor if any dev deserves to go bankrupt its obsidian, one crappy bug filled game after another.

Trizard2914d ago

IMO even with all the bugs (which I have never personally experience more than once and IMO hearsay)this game is still and 8.5 and a must buy for all gamers.

BeOneWithTheGun2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

IT freezes on me every couple of hours. (I also save every 10 minutes so maybe its a cache thing???)

I've seen the monsters stuck in the ground, etc but they are not frequent. The main thing is just freezing up.

That aside, the game rocks. Also, how can you not have some bugs at launch on an open world game of this stature and size? I mean, what other games can you walk to over 180 unique locations, have side missions up the wazoo and have so much damn fun exploring and making decisions that actually effect the games outcome? Think about all that programming for a second. Massive.

Kudos to Obsidian. This game was an actual purchase and I normally GameFly. I am 20 hours in and have not even ENTERED Vegas yet. I can't make it 10 feet without getting side tracked. Its' awesome.

EDIT: typo

visualb2913d ago

it would arguably make it a 9 / 9.5 =)

I sh!t you not people. I'm sorry and its no excuse for the bugs, but if one doesn't experience them, the game is AMAZING

FONV as a game > FO3 (yes I said it, and I LOVED FO3 to death)

only difference, FO3 was fresher at the time, but as a game, NV wins =3

only major glitch i've had is a certain companion disappear, but...its possible he prished naturally so...-__-